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The Imposter | Among Us : Draw My Life

Draw My Story
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The Imposter Draw My Life is the life story of one of the creepiest monster in the history, name is The Imposter. So The Imposter in Among Us is an alien who somehow landed on earth after their planet got to the point of destruction. Yes you heard it like The Imposter came from some other planet like in the movies we see. So what is The Imposter’s purpose on earth and how is it surviving here, let’s know it in this The Imposter Draw My Life video.
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  1. Draw My Story: where did it come from
    Me: A M O G U S

  2. The name of the exact species is AMONG US

  3. Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding di di ding

  4. plot twist: the aliens are on earth and created among us the mobile game to make people adicted to get power source and created inersloth companie so that they don't reveal there dark secret bihined the game

  5. Did you know that inposters can die by fire i did kill one + they a stickmen

  6. Well it comes from among Us there's a game called among Us on the imposter is tonight on stab and kill people I'm actually shoot people with guns and stick their tongue into your face and murder you oh yeah oh yeah me oh yeah him come from space there's something called the ocean at Kohl's I don't know well they're just astronauts I guess some of them is just had a bad story wants to kill people but they're going to space to find new planets to find new planets yeah oh yeah I'm fine new Earth stuff I'm fine stuff sauce yes oh yeah that you you have to download the game among Us it's really fun how sometimes you get to be the imposter murder people yay I like murdering the people on the bus please please stand for that game right now oh yeah actually I think I am actually playing a different phone too yeah okay this is my first message who wants him boys from the game called among Us yep can come from space yep yep yep yep only have two ways to win the number one is frozen out the imposter a number two is that that you all your task and imposter will say oh yeah yeah this I don't want to feed them but they must have different powers and cool Powers but please please do not go to space cuz there could be another one of them posters in space please please really please please play the game among Us you only can get them under the store where you buy games I mean the ones where you get the games for free you know this will triangle tank please please get among Us pretty

  7. If I’m the Imposter I would choose color Blue…

  8. FINDING THE SUS!!1!1!😳😳

  9. Are there crew mates? I would like to see some

  10. when the creature is sus: the imposter

  11. Hmmmm……. I wonder if an imposter has ever fallen in love with a human and there could be a hybrid among us…

  12. If i hear sus one more time im gonna kill myself


  14. Is it just me or is this the sussiest charecters made by Trevor henderson

  15. Bro I'm just so triggered of this guy acting like these things are real-

  16. I’ve been mistaken for an imposter in among us just because I was a red crewmate

  17. Among us isn't even a thing in real life it's just a game

  18. Imposters kill because they can and humans can’t do anything about it unless you yeet him out in space heading for the sun

  19. Sometime imposter aren't aliens or whatever it is. They can be human serial killer too.

  20. The imposter is from a game called Among us the imposter is chosen and it looks like the crewmen’s but it just can vent and kill

  21. The impostor is SUSSY BAKA

  22. Do you know this is what is creature? Do you know among us is a killer in 2018 March dirty do you know lightning McQueen WorldCom it will jump scare that was dangerous among us will kill you but now I grow up in 2023. Yes, finally I am not died died

  23. So first video of the year is out. Let me know how did you like it.😃
    And whose story you want to see next, comment below!!

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