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*BAD* Fan Made Imposter Roles in Among Us

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Today @Zud plays some *BAD* FAN MADE MODS in Among Us! Make sure to watch all of these fan made games and see how long it takes until I find a GOOD game to end this challenge!

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  1. Les good I was supporting him saying get this man to 100k and he FINALY MADE IT.Lessss goooooo

  2. This is what Jesus says, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies: whoever lives and believes in me will never die. John 11:27,26 Please think about it believe/repent, even after the rapture you can still be saved. Love

  3. The last game was my favourite game, Good thing Impostors can't run on the ceiling in Regular Among Us

  4. I've played the single player among us game the among us i.o game and the imposter i.o game pretty fun actually.

  5. are those the vanoss crews amongus characters and if so does anyone else watch them

  6. Space Rush is i think a Rip off of Zombie Tsunami

  7. the game that is among us online you can make the task 100 and you cooldown to 0

  8. the first one zud played is zombie tsunami but then in among us
    since it has the exact same hats and mechanics

  9. My favorite game was when you had to claim your own land

  10. Among them find us the last one was on henwy

  11. Zud= thats litraly the litraliest litraly

  12. I think the 3D like the last one was like fortnite but amogus

  13. The first one is just zombie tsunami

  14. It is paper in zud have you not seen the add I don’t mean this as a rude comment it is a genuine question

  15. 😡😡🤫😃😃😡😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Bro the first game is literally a copy of the game zombie tsunami

  17. Zuds face when he shows us what a song is like🤣

  18. the first game is a zombie tsunami clone

  19. The 1st one was just a zombie tsunami rip-off

  20. The one where you find the crew mates and on the one where you gave up it was on lime

  21. Sighhhhh. Zud, the crewmate was right smack in the middle

  22. That last game might be what it's like when your the last survivor when the imposter kills you.

  23. space rush is a rip off from another game

  24. i really want to play the among us but online but I cant find it

  25. wow still so Zud found cartoonz thumnail still yay and also Zud have you heard of @cartoonz?

  26. Zud the last game is so good it luks så fun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. 3:10 DID you Notice the circle among us in Green crewmate

  28. I found that crewmate you couldn’t find it was under the green crewmates lense thingy


  30. the first one is ripped of a zombie run game

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