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Amogus Cafeteria map by Addison Moyer:
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Tracks (by order of appearance):
Swing – Craig Austin
Chapter 3 – Danganronpa OST
Despair Syndome – Danganronpa OST
Forlorn Precipitation – Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors OST
Garota de venda medicamento – ShibayanRecords
Restaging the Murder – Monk OST
O.H.T. – The Rising of the Shield Hero OST
Quiet Diplomacy – Trails of Cold Steel III OST
Swing – Nancy Drew – The Secret of Shadow Ranch OST
Danger – Nancy Drew – Danger on Deception Island OST
The Forgers – Spy x Family OST
Imposter – Rick Rhodes & Danny Pelfrey
Seven Note Vaudeville Fanfare (you wouldn’t BELIEVE how long it took me to find this)

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  1. the fact that at one point, E;R played Genshit…

    dang I should've known…XD

  2. When markiplier made better "rich person invites old friends to solve his own murder in mansion" story

  3. Holy hell that end piece was a trip. More please, thanks.

  4. This movie is probably the most anti-White movie I've even seen.
    Some of the symbolism (a black woman being a hero by burning European paintings) is so obvious that it actually made me pause.
    I hope Daniel Craig is proud of how much of a traitor he is.
    Also, Rian clearly stole the idea for the first movie from Umineko.

  5. My man loves humor and hates monetization

  6. Wasn't the Mona Lisa on loan from the French government? This bitch really committed an international felony, destroying one of the most important pieces of art in human history and for what, just to make Edward Norton upset? Hope life in prison was worth it I guess.

  7. Daaaang my mans got a jam from Cold Steel 3.

  8. ALL THAT BUILD UP FOR A GOD DAMN DISBELIEF PUN! Dammit I'm angry and laughing!

  9. To me, the worse part of this film, is how much Rian stole from other works, and just scrapbooked them together.
    Arcanum's Lukan the Witless for the villain is the primary one, as his continuous jump cuts to mess up what the actor actually said, made understanding things more difficult then they actually need to be. Plus, it is the more obscure theft in the movie. Every other character is simply a stereotype or stolen from a better work.

  10. I hope you review the new Indy film. It truly needs that special and so nice E;R touch!

  11. Thank you for breaking down how ridiculously garbage that movie is

  12. Also, when Rich Guy took Andi to court, wouldn't his lawyers have looked into her family background for dirt and noticed a twin?

  13. Hey man, for the Lord`s sake, please make a video on Barbie. Haven`t seen it, but I NEED to know how……………………………………………good it is😈

  14. The second i saw the "diverse" woman show up, i knew she would be the real hero and the billionaire was the real bad guy.

  15. That ritsu eating the mona lisa clip is amazing

  16. It was important to get vaccinated though

  17. Rian’s so subversive that promises you comedy but you end up with a lecture

  18. Never heard of the Hindenburg conspiracy but if the implication is that it was destroyed deliberately, What was the reason? For what political/financial gain?

  19. Rian Johnson is the new Michael Bay without any of the Bayhem

  20. But E;R! Rian Johnson made a really good episode of Breaking Bad! That means that he's one of the greatest directors of all time, and anyone who dare slanders his name is a lowley peasent who doesn't understand true art!

  21. My years in the tin foil hat circles and I have never seen this Hindenburg stuff… Neato!

  22. 10:30
    Wait, E;R, you've not safed and effectived yourself ?

  23. I fully agree with everything you say about a proper who dunnit. To the extent im not so sure you didnt steak it from a comment i made on a buncha knives out shit. That description is why i dont like knives out either. Cuz when it comes down to it, it IS a who dunnit, and like glass onion it just hides all the pieces. Cuz rheean isnt clever enough to do a proper who dunnit. I dunno if clue is even a good one. It has multiple endings, which means the clues mean nothing.

  24. I forgive you for paying money for this movie. You have paid your penance.

  25. I liked knives out. Not a fan or glass onion

  26. E;R watched some Jerma I assume. Especially after how he says his "Up in smoke". If that is true – that's just cool for me )

  27. Video starting with dude's just speedrunning getting canceled. Also why the heck was I unsubscribed from him?

  28. I though the ending was about having an incident with the fuel before the launch of klear, burning the mona lisa will give it a better headline and have the goverment of france will either verify the story or at least charge miles for the lost or the Mona Lisa, all other criticisms are fine.

  29. Edward Norton accomplished his goal and killed Batista, silencing the person who threatened to expose him. The girl was not a threat at all, Daniel Craig was tricked by him, and if they found pineapple juice in Batista's system via autopsy, Edward can simply say it's an accident. So, what does he do? He tries to kill the girl, incriminating himself for no reason. The "derr he's stupid" excuse can only go so far. This movie was made out of malice and it shows

  30. the dis bae leef joke made me choke on my coffee

  31. This channel was monetized at any point?

  32. The suspension of disNUTZ ON UR CHIN LMAO

  33. There are videos of people who love this tripe calling it an "Anti-Mystery"
    The subversive nature of it elevates it to "blah blah blah"
    Yeah yeah sure. For all its praise this film has been easily forgotten for the gimmicky BS it really is

  34. Enjoyed the movie a lot but I agree.
    This is the issue with writing a smart character/plot when the writer isn't… As smart as that.

  35. My wife and I recently watched murder on the orient express, and there was a moment during Poirot's final breakdown where it all clicked for me, and I exclaimed out loud that I knew who did it. Nothing like that comes even close to happening in a Rian Johnson movie.

    Edit clarification: I mean the 1976 version, not that abortion done a few years ago.

  36. 34:34
    "You see? Casually discarding works of art is a good narrative decision!" 🤥

  37. 20:10
    And the only reason Sherlock Holmes is able to do that is because the police need him for the especially hard cases. They really do not like him too much, they just have to have him around. Talking about the book here, not Sherlock.

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