AMONG US FAN ANIMATION - crash meme (flashing images,blood) -

AMONG US FAN ANIMATION – crash meme (flashing images,blood)

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Welp I certanly didn’t plan to take so long on this,but I like the final product,and I hope you guys like it too! the story is made up for this video,so,theres no comic or anything like that! Just this 🙂

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Original meme by -Glitch Hat-

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  1. Listen, whyyy is this so good 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  2. Pink is literally me, Also that's my color btw

  3. Why is pink always the girl tho?

  4. What's the song name? I think the video was deleted :/

  5. Lol this is exactly what I did to my friend in among us plus I was pink and he was black😅

  6. Been years man… I remember I started crying when she liked my art on amino 😭

  7. It always sounds like it's saying CATALOG

  8. 0:23– а я думала она ему по яйцам дала

  9. Blood
    YouTube: ok
    No baile meme
    Youtube: NO

  10. So Red and Pink are imposters means there child will be an imposter and there child name will be Dark Pink

  11. Why am i getting sayaka vibes from blacks death ☠️

  12. when the impostof i spsifuab i cant take it anymore im going fucki g insfane

  13. The second I saw the pink one following the black one I could see the death flag on him.

  14. amo essa musica da ontade de me m4t… tô zuando ;-;

    mais ou-menos

  15. Oh ok ya thanks again thanks 🙏

  16. bruh the storyline of this meme doesn't enter even though pink is already infected but the meme says that from the start it hasn't been infected it doesn't make sense

  17. Idk but the way black died reminds me of sayaka(danganronpa)


  19. Sjejeejrnfjosj34kkkemmek. Кольца🌠🌹💎

  20. Qual é o nome do aplicativo de aplicativo 🙂

  21. That pink one is my carecter

  22. The fact that I didn't even know this was stariaat's-


  24. How tf did this stuff come out 2 YEARS AGO??
    Like whattt? 😱😭😭

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