Meeting Corpse Husband for the first time [Animatic] -

Meeting Corpse Husband for the first time [Animatic]

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Remember when the Among Us gang first met Corpse Husband? Ah yes the good ol’ days
Hope you guys will enjoy this animatic!
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Also, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately T-T
Things have been pretty busy with college lately, but I won’t let that stop me from making videos! :)))
But anyways, thank you so much for watching!! Much love!

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  1. It Was Shocking Hearing A Voice Like His Being So Deep, And Funny Thing Was Before All The YouTubers Before Meeting Him He Was Doing "Story Telling" On YouTube With That Voice So How's That For Progress?

  2. Please tell me Im not the only one, HIS LAUGH IS ADORABLE!!!

  3. First video I watched of your channel cool animation good job also pretty sure a year late for the animation but still it is really good so keep it up

  4. Rae: "IS THAT REAL???"
    Corpse: *Thinking* ( EVERY single time I meet someone new. Without fail.. )

    Aww I just realized.. I bet he was so nervous when he first met everyone.. ;-;

  5. Hahaha his natural voice is so deep, commanding and intimidating but his laugh is so sweet and adorable

  6. I admire the way you bring life to this group of streamer friends with your compilation animations, it's very '3D' in the story telling with nice 'fast drawn' anime style. It's very entertaining and proof of your artistry.
    If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off.



  8. I love corpse hes so sweet and omg his laugh when i hear him laugh it makes me so happy

  9. I cant believe his voice is real either

  10. OMG I totally forgot he was introduced by Jack

  11. This group single-handedly saved the beginning of lockdown for me.

  12. I remember when I first heard his voice with headphones in and my sister heard and asked “which streamer is that? The voice is kinda good-“ 💀

  13. Poor Critikal , everyone always forgets greaseball in these animations! 😢 great drawings though, very fun

  14. Thank you for this, I love corpse fur ensuring he is and represents but not gonna lie I've always loved the name jack.. lol

  15. Watching this now brings back a lot of memories

  16. Corpse has the voice of a man who just woke up and is somehow completely awake

  17. i love the way his voice silences them sometimes haha

  18. bingewatching all ur vids again, and wow!! the artistic growth!!!

  19. I miss pandemic Among Us so much, this brings back so much memories BLUBBERS

  20. Who knew that this would be so important in the future to many people and that they were creating memories that cannot be duplicated. The nostalgia is strong. Fond memories through a tough time for everyone in the world.

  21. that is so true i love his voice so much i wish he was my dad
    dad:( squeals like a girl)

  22. Corpse being introduced for the first time was like a main character revealed in season 2.

  23. he sounds like he’s 10 feet tall

  24. I feel like poki was trying to say his voice is so low you can like physically feel it in your ears and just worded it very, very poorly

    Also i hope if and when corpse finds a romantic partner they have the softest, highest pitched voice that still sounds pleasant because that would be the funniest and cutest fuckin voice dynamic 😂

  25. This video has settled it… Corpse is a murder bean with a bad*ss voice 😅😅

  26. Hearing it now his voice just sounds normal, but I remember when I first heard it I was super shocked it was his real voice

  27. Corpse and rae reminds me of when gohan met videl for the first time

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