SARVENTE Imposter Role in Among Us... -

SARVENTE Imposter Role in Among Us…

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Today, the crewmates will face divine judgement from me, Sarvente, in a most holy of battles! They must perform their tasks quickly, because as the fight goes on, I’ll be granted more and more heavenly powers from on high… and demonic powers from deep down below… So stick around until the end, or else you won’t get to see my true form!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod:

Artwork / Animation: Dokki.doodlez
Music / Charting: Mike Geno

Programming / Charting / Animation: kuroao_anomal

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License.

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  1. Are we all gonna ignore the fact that they could have won if they just pressed the Funk Cannon? (8:27)

  2. – Sarvente: Finally, I killed all the crewmates! Muahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When Sarv screams REPENT FOR YOUR SINS!!!!!!!!!
    At the end of the transformation you can hear her dialogue noise QwQ

  4. oh sarvente wins yey sarvente is my fav character

  5. This was so funny but the end was a little scary when she said havens light

  6. its sarvent like putting e sarvente not sarvevte

  7. Players:
    Captain (White)
    Wizard (Black)
    Baggy (Yellow)
    Mr. Egg (Orange)
    BDay (Blue)
    Mother (Cyan)
    Gnome (Light Green)
    Hunter (Green)

  8. Me: ! Nope nope nope nope nope I'm outta here

  9. Gnome-and get away i have a boyfrind me-and captain has a girlfrind >w<

  10. Do the captain imposter role and gnome imposter role and player imposter role

  11. Captain: Oh my god. What a minute. You're Sarvente. You're from Friday Night Funkin.
    Sarvente: Excuse me, Did you just use the lord's name in vain!?
    [everyone panicking]
    Gnome: Goodbye!
    Mother: Why did I get bonked? I didn't say the word

  12. Should’ve used holy water to clear her demon form

  13. J di sini untuk apa aku salah yang sepatu futsal Adidas original on

  14. H di belakang itu ia ingin i wwiedkdkdk kwek yang melayang

  15. H yang sepatu dong gan ane juga pernah bisa main game

  16. J ada ada saja orang lain bernama lengkap di belakang di sini bagus!!!!!

  17. H itu yang satu itu yang melayang di blog saya mau tanya dong gan kalo mau

  18. I don’t agree
    I think u need to call ruv to win

  19. She’s pretty sweet, but very dangerous, y’know?
    Terrible to see Mid-Fight Masses privated and deleted.

  20. SARVENTE WIN? NOOOOOOOOOO WHY. I ting she was too strong NOOOOOOOOOO

  21. HAHAHAH “ she knows I took a cookie from the cookie jar!” That kept me laughing!!!

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