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FNAF Daycare Attendant Mod in Among Us

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We add a NEW Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod in Among Us!

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  1. His name is sun rise you should do a mod of moon drop

  2. You said it at the very start as name is Sundrop

  3. The one in the night time his name is moondrop🌚

  4. This fnaf security breach! And I LOVE fnaf! Plz do more of these

  5. IDEA: what if you're all night guards and one of you is either freddy or purple guy?

  6. Sundrop and moonfall btw can you do a pet mod and a task as a dog is bite a chew toy. if you see the pet owner you can bite them. Also the animals can fight. Ty.

  7. Easy his name is easy his name is dut da dada Sun the daycare attendant

  8. The idea is to finish the full task and get out of here of this house or daycare idk what she is I think he's a daycare maybe

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