Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor | Cartoon Animation -

Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor | Cartoon Animation

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Novisor is back with a vengeance. Somehow he was able to escape the Skeld and made his way to Player, Mr. Cheese and the rest of the crewmates at MIRA HQ. No one is safe when this ghostly impostor is around…

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  1. No one going to talk adout player and veteran sleeping? K👌

  2. Your veteran do be kind of sauce in the bed with you!?!?

  3. Veteran: you mean besides them. Me: Oi don’t break the 4th wall

  4. I almost cried at the mr cheese part for some reason. It was sad. I felt like he was genuinely terrified

  5. Aria: Everyone Knows He's Just An Urban Legend
    Me: Urban Legends Don't Just Sneak Up Behind You To Murder You As You Speak

  6. I actually found a mr beast reference in the novisor Series
    So remember when mr cheese would give novisor his mech so novisor won’t kill him and mr beast or jimmy did the same thing as well so the ghost wouldn’t haunt him in the most haunted place on earth video am I the only one who noticed that ?

  7. Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that player and veteran where sleeping together?

  8. When Veteran and Player wake up, the are in the Skeld, but when they exit medbay, they are in MiraHQ

  9. Imagine if it was Player Veteran the gentleman Mr cheese Mr Egg and Ria vs Novisor

  10. 1:10 so nobody gonna bring that up? Absolutely no one? Ok-
    Imma just pretend i didn't see that-

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