Mini Crewmate Kills 7 Creepypasta Characters | Among Us -

Mini Crewmate Kills 7 Creepypasta Characters | Among Us

Damn Seconds
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mom, you there~?

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  1. Романков г** по сравнению с джеффом убийцей

  2. 1. Jeff killed by crew teeth
    2. Sonic killed by hisself ring portal
    3. Idk thi murd name but killed by majora s moon
    4. Momo became friendly by pop cat
    5. Slender laught mini crew scare level but crew takes revenge
    6. Herobrine is'nt scary anymore!

  3. Awwwww momo when doing the open close mouth is so cute

  4. the fuck video i don like it crewmate mini can't kill creepypasta

  5. herobrine/entity has been destroyed by amongus childrens

  6. Thanks for killing sonic.exe he is not a god he is stupid.

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