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TASK MONSTER imposter in Among Us

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We add a TASK MONSTER Impostor in Among us

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Mod Maker: @Lookumz

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  1. SSundee I want you to make more videos of insanecraft pleas😊😊😊


  3. Mod idea kenshiro abilities hokuto no shinken where he speeds up then touches the oppentent them explodes them next is atatatatata where he BARRAGESs the oppentent with kickes and almost kill the oppentent then mind explosion Where the cremate dies that's the mod idea

  4. Sundee at 12:56, I didn't know you could do this. A few minutes before, he was like I'm in lights.

  5. @ SSundee : takes control of lights
    @ ssundee : wait can you take control of lights, I didn't know you could do this

  6. Make a avengers mod with hulk iron man spider man and any kind of avengers

  7. Scary numberblocks mod. One jumpscares it is called peekaboo. Two creates two earthquakes. Three throw juggling balls at people. Four can throw people. Five makes a killing soundwave with her guitar. Six throws a dice if it lands on a six someone dies. Seven picks someone they have a 50/50 chance of dying. Eight beats someone up. Nine sneezes a heat seeking one. Ten can fly up and crush people make a minigame where the players have to climb a snowy mountain and she can grow giant and make asteroids fall on people.

  8. Make a fat bastard mod and one of the attacks will say get in my belly

  9. Pls do a slender man mod one idea is that you can press the nightmare button to put someone in a minigame

  10. Y’all ready for a big video 4 days without posting means something

  11. When you realize that the like button doesn't turn blue anymore 🙁

  12. Ssundee you should play Polytopia Its a really good strategy game 🙂

  13. Hey ssundee, I have a mod idea. The splatoon mod and as you levle up you can get more abiletys. You can shoot inc from your gun.

  14. Maybe you can make a mod with Predator vs Alien

  15. Mod idea. Kill mod imposter hast to do all the tasks and keep all the crew mates from killing themselves from different ways as soon as the imposter does all of them he gets a special gem that makes all crewmates be invincible

  16. Ssundee was not in sigils vid we’re did he go

  17. Ssundee sigiles is making infity stone he has space and soul

  18. Make a video about hardcore with ur friends

  19. ssundee sigels is trying to take you down he has two infinty stones so be carful

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