Making Real Among us Pennywise Impostor Sculpture Timelapse -

Making Real Among us Pennywise Impostor Sculpture Timelapse

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This is the process video of 1: 6 scale head sculpt that I have done sculpting and painting.

This video is fan art of a character Movie “IT” “Pennywise” and Game “Among us”.
Timelapse sculpting and painting of game Among us Siren head Impostor.
Emergency Meeting

3D modeling and 3d printing for figure making.
You can also see painting progress.
Thank you for watching 🙂

3D modeling – Zbrush
Paint- Enamel paint
Air brush -Kida 0.3mm
3D printer – Phrozen sonic mini 4k and Phrozen sonic mini

Sonic Mini:

Sonic Mini 4K:

Aqua-Gray 4K Resin:

Music ➜
4:15~5:35 – Curie

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  1. 페니와이즈 좋아하는데 정말 엄청난 조화네요 ㅋㅋ 역병의사 마스크 쓴 임포스터도 보고싶네용

  2. ем а не чего что оно на русском

  3. ало чо тут делают англичани дураские

  4. Não me diga quem vai fazer escultura do it o palhaço assassino

  5. Fun Fact:
    Pennywise's mouth has two purposes.
    1. To devour you Alive or Dead.
    2. To support his line:
    We all Float
    Because it can literally me you Float unconscious.

  6. I can’t show my face because ummm… well I I can’t tell you

  7. what if they made a Easter egg where you touch a red balloon by a vent and pennywise pops out and says “you found me [PLAYER NAME INSERT] now here Take it…” and after that If you touch him you die and how you die is by him ripping his face open to show the deadlights and as you levitate you color desaturates and you shrivel up and die!*

  8. I couldn't sleep for 1 WEEK OF WATCHING IT….

  9. Cool mouth bro 😎

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