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Hazbin Hotel Plays Among Us

Project DAW
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Thank You So Much for watching our Hazbin Hotel Among Us Gameplay Video!
Among Us is just so much fun and we thought what a better way to combine some of our favorite things!

I also wanted to thank our entire team of voice actors. mixers, editors, and directors!

About our Channel:
Project DAW consists of a talented team of voice actors, artists, production staff, and editing staff to produce fun fan content such as comic dubs, meme clips, animations, asks, and covers with plans for so much more!
We currently have comprised voice acting teams for 6 fandoms! and we have plans to add on more fandoms in the future and would love some suggestions!
We also plan to produce our own original content and provide a platform for upcoming voice actors to get experience in various things under their belt.

Angel Dust: Reed. N. Donat
Charlie/Editor: Grace “Krypto”
Husker: Mercy Schaffner
Cherri: Grace “Hunnie”
Blitzo: Gage Snodgrass “Doofkin”
Casting Call Club:
Alastor: Getsumei Marson
Casting Call Club:

Hazbin Hotel and all its properties belong to Vivienne Medrano and A24 Studios
Same as the character images used in the video

All Music Used came from
Video Transitions from

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  1. Charlie the nicest person here.

    Everyone ( Target acquired ).


  2. watch what ther saying but its cool but pls

  3. Is this the actual voice actors or shitty impersonators? I'm asking because I don't know this channel that well

  4. No entendi ni un cheto :v😂🤣

  5. I would love to see angel dust play amnesia the dark descent

  6. Did husker just smoke some catnip before he reported the body 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. this is the content I go downstairs just to see what my mom wants for

  8. no one:
    not even a single soul in hell:

    Angel: How the f*ck do you play this goddamn game?

    this is so amazing, i love it!

    angel: hello?
    alastor: HUSKKEEER! who killed him?!

  10. Lol when alaster screamed HUSKERRR WHO KILLED HIM 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Why do they play among us with HAZBIN HOTEL!!!!!!!

  12. If you want somebody gone and you don't want to wait

  13. I searched up how to breathe again, but found this.

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