How to DIY Among Us Imposters & Body Found Polymer Clay/Resin Tutorial -

How to DIY Among Us Imposters & Body Found Polymer Clay/Resin Tutorial

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Hey everyone! This is PolymomoTea and for today’s video I have a how to make/diy/craft/sculpt this cute/kawaii little Among Us Imposters & Body Found corpses tutorial made out of polymer clay and resin. Inspired the popular video game. SUS!

Among Us Shrink Plastic DIY:

You will need polymer clay: an oven bake clay that hardens once baked according to instructions. Commons brands I use are fimo, sculpey and premo. Bought from Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joanns or Amazon. Air dry clay works just as well.

Resin: a compound that is time curing into a hardened plastic material. I used UV resin, but you may also use 2 Part resin. Link to UV resin here: and look up “UV resin”. UV resin requires curing in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp, I use a UV lamp used for nails/nail art.

The mold maker I used is called SortaClear 12. But you can also get at Sophie and Toffee as well.

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  1. I really like it too much i like this cuteness

  2. Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦 dice:

    He should sell one of these to the Local Store Capsule Machines

  3. Oh my god that looks so cute I wish I would make that but I don’t have the supplies

  4. Who has everything except uv resin? Like me 😑😂

  5. I got a question do you heat things after you mold them or do you freeze them or is it like super glue gun

  6. กนเรินืยย ยีกีาทงมา้นสสา dice:

    ไ***** ไ*****

  7. never seen them of glass. nice!

  8. Imagine 10 million people making these cute among us pieces

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