Among Us but the IMPOSTER IS A SPELLCASTER (Among Us Mods) -

Among Us but the IMPOSTER IS A SPELLCASTER (Among Us Mods)

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I’M BACK! Today we decided to play Among Us, but with a twist. We’ve turned the Imposter into a SPELLCASTER that casts a poison spell on other crewmates!

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Friends in this video!
👉 @Socksfor1
👉 @Joocie
👉 @FatMemeGod
👉 @Nadwe
👉 @TbhHonest
👉 @Laff
👉 @Blaza Plays
👉 @MuffinJuice
👉 @McBirken
👉 @oof

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Outro: Pokemon R/S/E Route 113 Remix (PokeRemixStudio)

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  1. 9:10
    Laff: Being a weird dude
    Meme & Socks: having a lover's quarrel
    TBVG: just trying to kill someone and everyone's making it hard

  2. This guy is underrated. Like people like laff and joocie with well over 100k like this guy needs to have as much subs as them

  3. This is LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST socks plus friends videos

  4. Aye TBVG are you ever gonna upload some more R6 content?

  5. Q&A: can i join your friend group. Seriously tho any advice for new youtubers?

  6. Could you make a video on how to edit like you please?

  7. Poor nadwe and poor blaza blaza is always the one dieing and nadwe is the in always gettting sus

  8. (Socks for 1) " How dare you kill me TBVG." ( TBVG) LOL ( Socks for 1) 😭😭😭😭

  9. I love how every person in the group has a unique and lovely voice

  10. 1 who is your best friend ?
    2 do have a brother or a sister or none

  11. I feel horrible I didnt know you had a YouTube channel :c

    Well now I'm subscribed c:

  12. Do you have a Discord and what is your discord name (If it isn't just TBVG) and the hashtag number?

  13. 0:32 when your an Anime weeb and you know that anime scene is when All might lost Bakugo to the villains 👁👄👁❤️🥺

  14. Laff: joocie why are you being sus?
    Joocie: dies

  15. can u cover the bad words please and can u not say bad words please

  16. Your like the serious one out of them- and your underrated

  17. อัษฏ์โชติ พูนธีรพัฒน์ dice:

    Someone: RED’S SUS
    Everyone: why?
    Someone: he stepped in my 4 meter radius

  18. READ: Go follow my Twitch!
    Also make sure to leave a question for the QNA in the comment section for a chance to get featured in the next video! I know there are a lot of returning subs that might have questions about why I'm making this type of content now. I'll try to answer those questions as well on the QNA 🙂

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