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The game begins, while AppleJack leaves for the O2 to do his mission, she meets someone who ” BOOM ” kills her directly, she did not have time to see who was the impostor, a few minutes later FlutterShy who passed by sees the body and reports it to the rest of the group, after a few minutes of conversation nothing emerges from this conversation.
While it is panic on the ship because of sabotage, everyone spins fixed it, it is instantly that Pinkie who was going to put the seismic stabilizer back on, crosses a pony who “PAF” instantly kills her , shortly after it is RainbowDash who sees and reports the body to the rest of the team.
As everyone wonders who the impostor is and no one is kicked out during the talks, it all goes on and Rarity who was going to do her missions screamed with all her might when she found Twilight’s body in the arms room, she chatted and accused FlutterShy because she had seen her shortly before.
As Rarity yelled at FlutterShy accusing her, Flutter insisted that it wasn’t her and that she had just finished her mission and that it would be impossible for her to kill her friends and have to lie afterwards, Rainbow she didn’t know what to say and do, she was watching this scene in front of her. Rarity decided to vote against FlutterShy and RainbowDash followed the vote, FlutterShy was ejected.
Rainbow Dash was the impostor and for those who wondered about her wings, she taped them so that they are as flat as possible ;), I really hope you liked 😀


Reference Sheet:


DrawingProgram: PaintToolSai.
Tablet Xp-Pen 13Hd Pro.
Recording: Open Broadcaster Software.
Video Editing: VegasPro 17.
Inspiration: HyannaNatsu-EmalaJiss-MianMian-LuvYa-BlitsAzalisDash-ClayPony.

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  1. What's the second song ( and is it on apple music and who's it from?

  2. Hey where wings flaterrshuy, and ranbouw dash

  3. Oh well I didn’t plan to sleep tonight anyway🤩🥰😁

  4. Hello um speedpainter to speedpainter I got to say your speedpaints are on the same level as my speedpaints finnaly a fellow legendary speedpainter like me again I like how you made them super goree we have the same category my fav mlp character is twilight sparkle and I made a speedpaints of her as a deadly royal samurai of princess luna and princess celestia annyway love your speedpaints fellow speedpainter

  5. offensive drawing, forgive me 37, I don't know how even on a computer, and so I'm an x *** th artist

  6. in the second picture I screwed up to draw (or I screwed up xs) shorter than cool drawings

  7. you are a BEAUTIFUL ARTIST and I am so amateur and in general this is the account of my younger sister

  8. what app do you use also beautiful drawing!!

  9. I can understand why Rainbow went after applejack first. Nobody would believe that she killed her best friend.

    After Aj, Rainbow goes after Pinkie Pie. In my opinion, Rainbow thought Pinkie would think that she was the one who killed Aj. So Pinkie was second for death.

    Then, Twilight. Rainbow knew Twilight would find out Rainbow killed Pinkie and Aj because Rarity was in the last place she saw her in, and FlutterShy would be to nice to be able to kill any of her friends. So Twilight was next for Rainbows death streak.

    Now, FlutterShy got voted off because Rainbow told Rarity she was at the complete other side of where the bodies were found. FlutterShy, being honest told Rarity she was near the bodies but didn't see or hear who killed Twilight. Not seeing FlutterShy's story the truth, she gets voted out.

    And of course Rarity was last because she doesn't pay attention to what could have been a safe game. Instead she trots around fixing her mane and finds Twilight lying dead without her helmet, on the floor.

    Rainbow, she obviously won because we saw the legit deaths of the others but, I have to ask, why was Rainbow so… Into this.. Killing opportunity?? Did the other girls raise her anger to a limit she could not take? Or was she wanting to do this in reality all this time? Or, did the parasite we know of as "imposter" take over her mind and forced her to kill her formal friends? I cannot choose a reason because they all sound logical.

    The waiting room which we see the girls are in at the end of the video is the area where you can customize your character, wear props, and even get pets. I noticed the devices on the girls' ears. I assume they are devices that make them fall asleep along with that pale fluid, and creates a virtual world in space that represents the map Polis. I expect the girls to react surprised when they wake up from their virtual sleep. I bet they would be scared to make Rainbow mad in reality and have that happen.

    I really love these speed paints. And I have no clue why.. I guess I love how good you are at art..?- Anyway, I love how hard you work on these and want them to look perfect. I admire your hard work and resume to watch your videos. Thank you for taking the time to make them. Thx for reading as well if its you. Goodbye.

  10. I NEW RAINBOW DASH WHAS THE SUS PONY OF THE CREW btw I looooove your art☺😊

  11. I really love the rap face you give the imposter before :I

  12. ʷᵒʷ ᵗʰⁱˢ ⁱˢᶜᵒᵒˡ ᵃʳᵗ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʲᵒᵇ

  13. ? Toys for boys need to just let it go music go somewhere ((

  14. Flashlight, talk to. just come inside! Justin luby is the ocean guy chew

  15. 😞😞😞😞😞🌞 siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amogus

  16. What the hell is happening with the last speed paint

  17. how did applejacks head get cut off that way? the knife is backward for the way they are slicing it.

  18. What app is this plus the quality at the beginning is kinda bad.
    But love your videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤👍.

  19. Подскажите, что за первая песня на фоне? Заранее благодарна и передаю привет русскоязычным комментаторам)

  20. What music did you use for the background on Twilight's speedraw?


    Well at least it's not Red this time.

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