Among Us But I Bait Imposter -

Among Us But I Bait Imposter

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A new Among Us video but this time I try a new strategy. I bait the imposter in front of the entire crew and trick him into hunting me.

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  1. In the second round on red I mean read Voice was so sassy
    On the second round red’s voice Was So sassy

  2. When you could type Whatever u want in d chat now the game is dumb cuz of d update

  3. Just as ZMDE was baout to win I got an add 🙁

  4. ZMDE ur the best among us player eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  5. I actually tried this trick, and it worked. The imposter was so insulted, he just had to kill me.

  6. Uh Zmde? U said pink and LIME when woolfy is Dg

  7. You know the vent by shields that is on cams so I won't recommend venting there

  8. Did I play among us with the real ZMDE my name is Brielle on among us go to my channel Name Gaming with gamer girl Brielle

  9. 3:58 I started laughing so hard it hurt wtf was that lmao 🤣🤣😭😭

  10. Pink: *Names himself 'Behind I'm *
    ZMDE: What kinda name is that?!
    Me cries and laughs at the same time

  11. Is it just me or does ZMDE always clears someone and then later in the game says it’s them.

  12. Everyone thinks it’s red because red is for blood

  13. Where was red she left then she is gone

  14. During the old times, when I played Among Us, whoever in the rounds was my friend, I normally kill other people as an imposter except for my friend😎😎😎😎

  15. When white said lol in game two I was confused if he was accussing pink or laughing. Then I turned on volume and it was laughter!

  16. When brown says CAYN WHY DID YOU KILL MY SON i was like * is zmde mom playing!?

  17. Anyone else notice that whenever ZMDE does Astrioeds the lights turn off

  18. Omg zmde Sayed I am going solo .is any blink here .solololo 😊😊. jennie 😊😊😊

  19. I have this doubt .whenever u become impostor u take the lights out but y is it darker it should be darker only to crew y is ur light gets dark when u sabotage it

  20. Why do you do that ZMDE FUN 1 like=1 rip

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