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Speedpaint 52 – Among Us fanart – Dude turn around!!!

Akemi Ellie
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I’ve recently been playing w a different style and different brushes! I’m still getting the hang of it, but I think this is a cool new style to play with!

I also made some undertale fanart and a drawing of my boi Anubis, so look out for those soon 😀

Time Taken : about an hour and a half+ ish

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Stuff I used

Adobe Premiere
Wacom HD13 tablet


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  1. ooooo that is so cool and creepy I love itttt

  2. Yellow ghost: "PURPLE WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LISTEN TO ME!? MY BODY IS BEHIND YOU!"Purple: "Yellow come on this isn't funny."Ghost yellow: "UGH I SWEAR I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!"Ghost blue: "You and me both bud…you can me both."

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