[ Q&A ] Among us fanart on Procreate - amongus.gallery

[ Q&A ] Among us fanart on Procreate

Cheri Ho
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[ Q&A ]

Art Related Questions

01:11 What do you recommend for people starting digital?
01:58 Any artist inspired you? What are your inspirations? From who did you get inspiration to draw?
03:05 Digital or traditional?
03:49 Of all the drawings you have, which one is your fav? What is your fav drawing and art style? Which art style do you enjoy the most?
04:05 Why do you like art?
04:21 Why did you create a Instagram account for your art?
04:34 When did you start drawing? Since when did you start drawing?
04:44 Favorite technique for drawing?
04:56 Which are the parts of the body you least and like to draw?

Personal Related Questions

05:19 How old are you?
05:26 Tops 5 favorite foods
05:37 KNY or BNHA?
05:53 Favorite ice cream flavor?


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  1. Jjajajajaja wuauuu te quedó bellísimo

  2. Woah ur underated, btw u “DESERVE” more subs❣️✊🏻

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