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Let’s go boys – Among Us short animatic

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A short among us animatic, context is- Corpse and Dream were third impostoring this round.. total simp i might say ehem.

Yeah this took so long because i was so busy and sick but besides that i’m okay now! Enjoy the video.

Audio and peeps :

Edit : Changed up the title cause i got confused and this is not an animation but an animatic since it’s just different key timing, thanks for the reminder who commented! I’ll try and improve more in the future and hopefully could make quality animatics and animation! Thanks again for the support!

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  1. This feel incomplete with our leslie's "what do you mean boys, there's three of you"

  2. Ah yes the three (ex)faceless musketeers at its finest

  3. Corpse is real funny when he's the imposter and he's menacing af but when he's scared he CRACKS ME UP 😂😂😂

  4. can't explain how much i love this video lmaoo

  5. What the… The number of comments are 1.6k but it's showing only one, named cotton with 2 replies🤨. I reload many times and it's still the same hmmm🤔. Probably new YouTube algorithm😶.

  6. I have always wondered, doesn't Dream hurt his voice when he does his whistle laugh. It's funny but doesn't it hurt afterwards

  7. I’ll never get tired of Dreams teakettle laugh 😂

  8. the tea kettle part rocks, good job dude

  9. i miss thiss!! im glad it appear on my recommendation again!

  10. Sykuno corpse and dream my favorite collaboration

  11. Sykkuno: Let's go boys!

    Insert 'Man, I feel like a Woman song' here

  12. Sykkuno’s “OH JESUS” always just kills me

  13. That and Babushka are two of my fave among us scenes with Sykkuno

  14. Hfbdnhdjdnjeje ‘let’s go boys!’ I’m dying

  15. BRUHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahahahahahahahahahhah

  16. When they're running holding hands my heart melted

  17. The fact that my sister calls me Dream whenever I wheeze-

  18. Well at least they waited for her to finish the download 😭

  19. Who else watching this summer of 2022

  20. youtube: HOW MUCH DID U WATCH THIS?!
    me: yes 🙂

  21. I love your style so much 😭❤️❤️

  22. Who else is back after the Dream face reveal? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  23. Sykkuno was the one who “introduced” me to Dream
    But you were the one who made me love Dream by drawing him attractive with a cow boy hat! 0.0
    To this day I am still a fan surprisingly XD
    By saying that I mean usually I lose interest in a fandom after a few months, like I did with Sykkuno and Hosuh from Danplan…. But here I am 😊

  24. At least sykkuno let her finish the download 😂
    Corpse just being dragged ard💀💀💀


  26. Love dream laguna 😭🙄😂💀😃

  27. i miss corpse after what happened to him..

  28. Watching this after Dream’s face reveal enables me to imagine how he must’ve looked when he broke down laughing.

  29. a tea kettle, a corpse and an "innocent" walk into a specimen room- and ✨️shenanigans✨️ happened

  30. When Sykkuno kills leslie:
    Sykkuno: Lets go boys!
    Dream: Turns into a kettle what the hell?!
    Corpse: why

  31. I don’t know if this trio was just for that round, or even just that stream, but I feel like it needs more attention. Dream, Corpse, and Sykkuno just make the best little group, I love them

  32. 2:56:30 is about when this starts on Corpse's stream for anyone wanting to see the whole clip!
    Edit: 3:16:40 is about when it starts on Sykkuno's stream
    3:02:10 is about when it starts on Dream's stream

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