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Drawing Pink from Among Us With Posca Pens

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Testing out Posca Paint Markers by drawing simplistic characters such as the astronauts from Among Us. All while kinda talking about the stereotypes of being Pink.

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  1. Among us have floating hands but no arm.

  2. Is it just me or does she sound a bit different today?

  3. Red among Us
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

  4. My color that I used in game was either dark green, lime green, gray, or black

  5. I usually mained as cyan when i was playing. I loved the witch hat

  6. I'm always pink I love pink it's my fav color ❤💗💖

  7. Color:Blue
    Hat:elegant top hat
    Pet:mini dude
    Suit:black suit


  8. I’m usually lime, back when I used to play.
    I heard that like makes a great crewmate and a terrible imposter and that’s 100% true for me lol.

    Edit: I posted this after the first sentence but wanted to say more

  9. they have hands that appear from thin air thats how they do task lol

  10. The way I was going through my Snapchat chats on my first acc with my bestie and found this vid I watched this 8 yrs ago

  11. Ima color is black whith the plague mask can you draw it

  12. ah i do yellow or blue, calm colors…easy to be imposter in!

  13. Bro I remember watching these back in 2020…this takes me back–
    So many strange feelings but I've…missed it almost-

  14. Color: peach 🍑

    Hat: peach milk

    Face: dumb sticky note

    Clothing: doctor outfit thing

  15. Color: White or black or grey


    Skins:Pilot’s License

    Visors: Note 2 Self

  16. "Especially electrical tasks… Anyways😊-" got me rolling to Alaska 😂😂

  17. Im gonna coment "posca" on all your shorts starting………………………………………. now

  18. Mines Rose (I’m the first comment and the first person watching this in 2024) last time played among us: today (not a joke)

  19. I just came down here to see her first vid lol

  20. I remember watching this 😭😭 you sound different

  21. The beginning of the Artist Queen…

  22. Man she really sounds different in these older videos 😅

  23. I know ur doing the best because how in 2024 ur drawing hellvue boss right after hazbin hotel 🥰

  24. Im usually always coral 😀

  25. I scrolled all the way down to her first video and I love that this is where a beautiful artist starts.

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