Fanart VS Gameplay | Among Us Comic Dub -

Fanart VS Gameplay | Among Us Comic Dub

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When you browse the internet, you see really awesome Among Us Fanart … but the actual Gameplay is different …

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Artist of the Comic:

☆@Miss Shellah as White and Blue

☆Me as Pink
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  1. "I thought we were partners!"
    "Never have been."

  2. gameplay would be better if it was just the game and they both get killed
    nothing dramatic

  3. "This game drives me crazy!"

    -Blue 2020

    Me: yas girl! Thats what u worked for. Ur death

  4. What music did you use for this? Is it royalty free?

  5. Am I the only one interested more in these videos than in the actual game?

  6. Omg, that is exactly what I look like on Among us! My name is Weeb and i'm blue with toilet paper on my head. Lol!

  7. Pink: How could you?!

    White: you know the rules and so do I

  8. How it feels like when you play it


    How it actually looks like-

  9. Bruh I was with white the whole time as orange… we were buddies… we had multiple moments where he was with me alone… and he did nothing… I got voted out, white said ‘oops accidentally voted orange’. I didn’t mind, I thought it was a genuine mistake… I thought blue was the imposter… but then… it was… white
    Then it hit me
    Blue said he saw white walking out of medbay
    I saw the body of pink in electrical
    White must’ve killed pink and then vented out
    That was hands-down the most hurtful betrayal I’ve ever witnessed

  10. I've actually had those exact moments in game.

  11. I 100% thought it was gonna be a clip of actual gameplay where the impostor kills someone

  12. Fanart is when my sister is being dramatic over one potato chip that I snatched from her

  13. Ok this is the one i betraying my own imp partner (i am imp too) TAT

  14. What's the audio I really like it

  15. That's exactly what happens when you play with friends.

  16. Yo red is totally me and white is my gf while pink kill me she cried over my body last month-

  17. Blue: This game drives me crazy

    Me: Me too Blue, me too

  18. Can u make more brutus and pixie
    Pls ^

  19. Me: bish run also me: BISH I TOLD YOU TO RUN

  20. The fan art:
    Epic gruesome drama
    The game:
    Haha ur neck go snapps

  21. What if we're thinking about the gameplay all wrong? Like we automatically think the imposters are the bad guys cause they're killing people but we only hear things from the crewmate POV. Why are the impostors killing everyone? There is most likely a reason. Like what if the mission they're going on, is a mission to get something that can harm the planet or they are taking resources from another planet that has living creatures on it that need the things we're taking and the impostors realize that it's wrong and the only way to stop it, is by killing everyone else.

  22. when you play in a discord voice chat with a friend

    but only you and the friend. nobody else.

  23. Does anybody here besides me wants a to have a movie about this game

  24. they should make a book about this game i would definitly read it

  25. So I was looking at memes, and one said:
    Red provides cold hard evidence that green is imposter
    Green: red kinda sus
    Everyone: votes red

    And I honestly thought that was over-exaggerated, so about 6 days later I was starting to get good at Among Us, and I provided some COLD hard evidence about why it was pink, and pink just said "black that's kinda sus, why are you blaming me?"



  26. Why does everyone forget that the imposters are Aliens? They have no feelings for the crewmates.

  27. Playing with friends vs Playing with randoms

  28. What was that song for the fanart portion?

    me (black): what
    yellow: black sus
    me: how? i went to comms to do upload, then went to admin to finish, then went to reactor, then went on cams, then fixed lights, and went to sheilds, and went to nav! why should u vote me?

    yellow: cus…..sus
    .    。    •   ゚  。   .

       .      .     。   。 .  

    .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

      ゚   Black was not An Impostor.  。 .

      '    1 Impostor remains     。

      ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  30. Choose you character
    Among us bean
    Fall guys bean

  31. Among us fan content: Emotional murder mystery story
    Actual game: "Red sus" "yes"

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