Among Us Kill animations - Fan made -

Among Us Kill animations – Fan made

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I made 3 different kill animations for Among Us:
1. Scythe
2. Anime Katana
3. Thanos Snap

Don’t worry I’m still working on new animation but in a meanwhile I wanted to try making AmongUs fanart Animation…..


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  1. Wow at first I thought these were official secret kill animations!
    edit: Thanks for the heart man, hopefully they do like a commissions contest for new kill anims!

  2. These are amazing idears but they could use alot more polish

  3. 0:02
    Wait are the astronauts actually just one solid hunk of grey meat, with no brain or face? Is that why they were a face covering?

    BuT tHaTs JuSt A tHeOrY, a GaMe ThEoRy!!!!1!!1

  4. Duxo : no sabia que habia tantas formas de morir
    El video : soy real se nota?

  5. The Thanos Snap one should be real but really rare and if you get it you auto-win

  6. Impostor thanos would be OP. Snap half the game and guaranteed to win

  7. Hi, I am doing YouTube in Korea. Can I use your video?

  8. Hi, I am a person who does YouTube in Korea. Can I use your video?

  9. i takie zajebiste rzeczy polak jestem dumny

  10. You know with the thanos snap I think it'll be funny to leave half the body intact, otherwise nice animations

  11. The first one would be great as a new animation for Halloween

  12. The video is good
    Maybe I changed this video a little
    Can I put it on my YouTube?

  13. The thanos kill should actually be a kill

  14. If just the top part of him disintegrated, that would be comedy

  15. The katana one could be done better, but im impressed with the Thanos one.

  16. Among us in a nutshell (idea from @peterbackupfortnite on tiktok)

    Cyan: Dead
    Red: "What's he saying?"
    Blue: "Idk but he acting sus"
    Pink: "Ikr"
    Blue: "Imma vote cyan he SUS"
    Yellow: "Same"
    Green: "Same"

    Red voted 7 remaining

    Blue voted 6 remaining

    Green voted 5 remaining

    Purple voted 4 remaining

    Pink voted 3 remaining

    Yellow voted 2 remaining

    Orange voted 1 remaining

    White voted 0 remaining

    Cyan ejected

    "Cyan was not the imposter"

  17. There's no corpse to be found after thanos

  18. Red: It's Purple! He killed brown! Cyan: Red you've been sus this whole time. Green was not the imposter.

  19. Red: Hey! There’s 9 people! I say we only need 8 people so we can separate. Snaps Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

  20. maybe you can make an turtorial how you make it

  21. I like how he went from a sword to the legendary infinity gauntlet ammideataly

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