Color Pencil | Drawing Among Us in Halloween! | Among Us Fanart | Bubble Tea Art -

Color Pencil | Drawing Among Us in Halloween! | Among Us Fanart | Bubble Tea Art

Bubble Tea Art
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Color Pencil | Drawing Among Us in Halloween! | Among Us Fanart | Bubble Tea Art

I just can’t wait for Halloween, its only in a few days!! 😀 I also really love playing among us so I decided to put those things together and.. draw among us in Halloween! I drew three characters, and there’s one imposter among them, and I’ve got a challenge for ya! can you figure out who it is before the video ends? :oo
Have an amazing day/night and I’ll see you in my next video!

♡ Materials Used ♡:
-Canson Mixed Media 5.5 x 8.5″ sketchbook
-Pencil and kneaded eraser/Pentel HI-POLYMER eraser
-Uni Pin fine liners
-Ohuhu markers 41 set
-Crayola colored pencils
-Prismacolor colored pencils
-Uni-Ball White Signo gel pen
-Cheap Minnie and Daisy artist pack
-Chinese watercolor brush

☆ Music ☆:

I do not own any of the music! All of them belong to the original creator(s)

(Intro Music) PIKASONIC- Miss You

TheFatRat & Slaydit – Solitude

TheFatRat – The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

[No Copyright Music] Daystar – Cosmic Star Candy [ bgm / funny / cute ]

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  1. I loved the little among us intro that was so cute ❤️

  2. Me who doesn't play among us
    OR Do Halloween

  3. Bruh you're gonna pass me in subs soon xD This is amazing haha keep it up mate youre so talented hehe Glad to be one of the OGs xD

  4. I love how she includes what she's drawing on a little piece of cut out paper! It's so cute!

  5. Aww im late can u draw bts hehe im a big fan of you keep it up

  6. Such a cute video. You're so talented!

  7. I see you drawing lankybox roblox tto become humans because its hitting 5ml

  8. Spooky :p

    Bruh how you are able to make videos like this every week is just * head explodes *
    Like howwww are you so gooddddd XD ahhhhh
    I lob Mochi's halloween costume hehehee so cuteeee

  9. Happy Halloween everyone!! 🎃👻🦇
    Who loves scary games cuz its ALMOST HALLOWEEN?!! 🎃
    Ofc me!
    Yay more among us drawings! 📝
    I love among us SO MUCH!

  10. You are seriously very underrated. You deserve so many more subscribers because your art is ⭐️fantastic⭐️!!!!

  11. I'm REALLY excited for Halloween

  12. I was playing there you passed through me my name was BTS army

  13. Woah your drawings are amazing! I love your channel me I hope you become famous on YouTube!

  14. spooky, I always watch till the end >:33333. Also…..Red is always sus so……..imma guess red 😁
    oh, one more thing…HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃

  15. Bruhhh….u r so good in drawing😌😂

  16. Whats ur roblox user?
    (Edit-OMG thanks so much for the heart and btw I LOOVE ur fan ary and drawings and can we be friends on roblox pls my user is ChocolateLoversDream. :D)

  17. Hi! 💞
    New sub! 💝
    Hope u can do the same back 💕
    Thanks! 🎀

  18. Pls can u draw a picture of my profile pic pls

  19. I think purple is definitely the imposter

  20. Omg😨😨😨😨😨😨😨Your drawings are so beautiful😱😱😱😱😱You drew them so awesome😧😧😧😧😧Congratulations on 2k subscribers🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳You are so talented🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗KEEP IT UP😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️

  21. I luv ur vids they make me wanna sraw like u

  22. Red is pretty sus right now xD


  24. I was thinking of a new video you can do: Turning Mochi into human!

  25. '🌹🌹Nice video💖💖amazing good video 💙🌺🥀🐬🌼🐾🕊️💞💕'

  26. I hope you have 1 milion subcribe♡♡♡♡

  27. I love your art so much! Its so beautiful TvT

  28. I think the impo is the girl with purple hair and u r so so underatted ( hope I spelled it right) btw I am new amazing video . Seriously only 2.5 k subs .u deserve so much more and I mean it

  29. Omggg my avatar on Among Us is the same!! I think we have similar tastes!! :DDDD

  30. i think it's red. (Reds kinda sus tho) I also wanted to say that your drawings are amazing and they inspire me so much. Stay safe to everyone who is reading this :>

  31. its orange she has the electrical wires coming out of her sleeves

  32. Okay, Imma give some names for the Characters!
    Red: Dr. Jackson White
    Yellow: Rosanna Yellow
    ( I don't know what color she is ) : Emma Black

    Btw I think the Impostor is…

  33. I love this so much! And wait… is that a mark of red on purple's skirt and leg?

  34. Do a roblox Art it will be amazing you did not do that :3

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