Among us Fanart vs Among us Gameplay [AMONG US COMIC DUB] -

Among us Fanart vs Among us Gameplay [AMONG US COMIC DUB]

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Among us is an absolutely amazing game, but the fanart for it is all super dramatic… and I LIVE for it!!

All Crewmates voiced by me

All art in this video used with permission.
Art by Orphetoon

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  1. Why isn’t dad moving? Is this a game? I wanna play!

  2. stories vs what actually happened

  3. I have to find away to edit this to make it sound like they are speaking through radios

  4. I seen thoes types of comics for the 1st one idk what thoes types are with the dark part or something in a comic with cartoon character what are those called again?

  5. It do be like that tho (the gameplay)

  6. This me as the imposter I use my friendness to cut them down one by one but I just make chaos

  7. when you realize that the imposter is a parasitic shapeshifter meaning that they faked the remorse at the end

  8. People: Make Among Us dramatic
    Among Us: cute beans

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