AMONG US - Sus But Shmexy? - Draw With Mikey 141 -

AMONG US – Sus But Shmexy? – Draw With Mikey 141

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Among us suspect imposter fanart that I’ll eject in with the stuff! Just a casual drawing of Red being sus from Among Us seeing as I see this game everywhere atm!l – Also hello how are you!? Also plz rank all the FF games from best to worst!! #amongus #sus #fanart


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  1. ===Worst case scenario===
    All the crew mates start simping

  2. Mikey: trying to remember the audio company he hates
    love the content BTW

  3. Mikey: trying to remember the audio company he hates
    love the content BTW

  4. Mike plz draw falling possessions. And I wich it could be from front I mean The face is looking for ahead, As if you were pushing someone out of a building, those possession, I'm sorry I don't know how to explain what I really mean but I wish u read my comment and I really love you, you helped me like no one did before in arts, thx

  5. Drinkin' myself a bit of raspberry hibiscus tea while taking a break designing a game concept after stayin' up for most of the night

  6. How can I draw female anime character bending over/forward

  7. Well, gonna a make a list of all my recent comments and on which episode I posted them (with slight modifications to match the time). So the longer Mikey doesn't read my comment the longer the list will get.

    DWM 136 + 137:
    Hey Mikey, why don't you just jump ON the train for once and make a Helltaker fanart, because this blowed up pretty much as well.
    Helltaker is btw. a short F2P Puzzlegame where the protagonist goes to hell to form his demongirl harem. Which girl you wanna draw is your choice. 😉

    DWM 138:
    Emotional game: Definitly have to give that title to "Valiant Hearts: The great war". Its a puzzlegame about WW1 and even though there are some funny and wholesome moments and the game itself looks innocent (graphic wise), the game WILL hit you hard. And very important, you HAVE to play it yourself to get the whole expirience, don't watch any Let's Plays and compilations of the ending, cause it will totally ruin it. Afterwards I would recommend watching a compilation of the ending so you can see, you're not alone with that reaction.
    [Btw. Just reminding myself of the ending brought tears to my eyes]

    DWM 139:
    Anime recommandation: Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
    It's one of the earlier Isekai Animes, but in my opinion still one of the best. Three specialy talented people from different eras (time periods) are transported to another world that has some similarities to "No Game No Life" and are helping (for reasons) one of the lowest rank "guild" to gain their prosperity back. The story is pretty cool and takes inspiration of different mytholigical and historical events (like "Perseus" and the "Black pest") and imbue them into their stories.

    DWM 140: (actually didn't write a comment, but I would have written this)
    What recently keeps me invested in games is the challenge aspect. For example: I play SnowRunner pretty much as of late. SnowRunner is an offrad-simulation game where you can drive around with different trucks on street, in mud, in water, under water (almost) and in the snow. Your aim is to basicly bring different freights from point A to point B (sounds pretty bland I know) but the challenge, or better say your fiend is mother nature herself. You have to drive through mud that can get you stuck, over wooden bridges where your truck is as wide as the bridge itself or you have to drive trhough a small winding trail in a forest where you can easily jam a tree between your truck and the trailer. All of this makes a bland mission pretty challenging (except you take the Azov ;P)

    DWM 141:
    Mikey, how did you do that? You jumped on the "Among us" train but missed the "Helltaker" train? One has basicly no waifu material at all and you make something shmexy out of it, while the other has a whole rooster of waifus…you really have to do some resaerch there. 😉
    Trivia: The reason why "Among us" blew up is because of the "Henry Stickmin Collection" that came out on steam this year. "Among us" is from the same developper and publisher as the "Henry Stickmin Collection". In the "Henry Stickmin Collection" itself were some references and even collectables from "Among us" and so people got curious and found under the same developper and publisher "Among us". And then comes the Live-stream story.
    Don't believe me? Then check the Steam Charts for "Among us" and line it up with the publishing date of the "Henry Stickmin Collection" 7. August 2020.

    Btw. Mikey…work out!

  8. Why did I cancel the Patreon… ಥ‿ಥ
    ごめんね Got financial issues (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;)

  9. Hey Mikey!
    I have a drawing suggestion! You should draw GLadoS from that portal games, but as a sexy woman.
    And and the reason I play most video games is because of the challenges that come with it. Your amazing Mikey!

  10. Yahaloooo Mickey San!

    Have you seen this new game called genshin impact!? It’s an anime style gatcha like Zelda BOTW and it’s so guuud! It has so many wifus too! And to top it off it’s freee! And the soundtrack is fireee!! It’s trendy now too so you should check it out 💕💕 my favourite of the bunch is Fischl!! UwU

  11. Best defend: I'm not an impostor, I'm too thicc to go through vents

  12. More male character manga tutorials please

  13. Ive only ever playing Final Fantasy 3 it was the only game my Auntie had for her DS that i enjoyed xD

  14. Gotta give credit to that creativity. r34 is really really getting creative

  15. its funny everytime my drawing turns out ugly i cant think of any ideas on wat to draw i have to type in mikeymegamega for some inspiration so i thank you mikey i really appreciate it

  16. It's great to see you back at it

  17. Omg her arms are so short i LUV it

  18. Bro what happened to your channel? Please stop doing sexual drawings. I just want to see anime characters. Clearly doesn’t care about fan satisfaction

  19. only mikey could turn funny bean man game into thicc anime babe

  20. okay okay i get it i’ll make the cyan one…

  21. How does this channel even exist on youtube

  22. I like how he just sexualizes everything’s and so calm about it


  23. to the Ps guy just make your page bigger f.e.: 5000×5000 px

  24. Jokes aside: we gonna talk about how perfect he sketches the human anatomy?

  25. Red look so thicc and that's sus.
    Wait she give a thumb up so we good.

  26. In the inktober but he was talking about Marc Brunet

  27. I drew one like this of cyan 😂 glad I’m not the only one who’s drawn them like this 😂😂

  28. [Emergency meeting]
    Me: Red vented
    Some other guy: no she’s too thicc to fit in vent
    (__ was not the impostor)

  29. I love how you put Lime and Yellow together in the thumbnail

  30. You ruined among us for me 👁👄👁 why do men have to sexualize women-

  31. FF6 is best final fantasy game.
    Prove me wrong.

  32. 🖥

  33. Im still amazed that a little colorful jelly bean with legs motivated so mich fan art

  34. Among Us: exists
    Mikey: ima end this games whole career
    Me: we should not have him here.

  35. Who else here because of the google speedrun

  36. Recorded through the wrong audio setup – sorry if you can catch just the faintest high frequency buzz!

    More on

    The Art-Youtube Equipment I use (seeing as a lot have been asking!)

    Figure Drawing Book USA:

    Huion Kamvas 22 Plus Tablet USA:
    Webcam USA:

    Microphone USA:

    Figure Drawing Book UK:

    Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Tablet UK:

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