Among us character Clayarts (easy to make) -

Among us character Clayarts (easy to make)

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Today I made Among us characters !
It’s easy to make so you can make it!
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  1. 모자도 다음에 만들어주세요

  2. Making what is big Ad the time of making brilliant you should defently make a fallguys one its so big right now

  3. FUNFACT: the creator of among us also made henry stickmin

  4. I made this w ur instruction. Thank you so much 💓

  5. 호아저씨님 요즘 못보고 댓글도 못달아서 죄송해요 클레이가없어서 만들지를 안으니까 호아저씨도 적개보개되고ㅠㅠ 이재는 잘챙겨볼개요! 호아저씨님 화이팅! 1만 가즈아! 이재는 클레이 뿐만아니라 클레이만드는 전문적인 장비도 샀어요! 클레이는 언재나 재미있는거같아요! 호아저씨님처럼 언잰가는 클래이를 전문적으로 멋있게만들수있기를

  6. This video: Exists


  7. 왜 어몽이얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ among 소리가 어멍인데

  8. Hasta entiendo de lo fácil que es

  9. These were awesome! I actually made 4 of them 😀 also were did u get the clay?

  10. I did under stand what he was saying but I followed and did his action

  11. hello, I started a channel recently and tried to make a mini animation about the game among us … if you can, come take a look I did it by cell phone so it took a lot of work to draw with my finger)

  12. Does this only work for air dry clay and not products like play dough

  13. Awwwwwww soooo cuteee and sweet 😍

  14. omg I have to try this and annyoung

  15. pro tip follow the same instruction but with less clay and make a mini crewmate
    also make avideo on making pets in amoung us

  16. I made 8 for my collection!You are a proffesional with clay

  17. I got the wrong type of clay mine is Air Dry Clay it's soft that it gets deformed easily but i still manage to make 2 of this among us clay after leaving them out they became bouncy

  18. Didn’t understand what you were saying because I don’t speak your language but really good among us character

  19. Nice video, but what language is that????

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