Among Us: "Lolipop" | Fanart animation practice -

Among Us: “Lolipop” | Fanart animation practice

Liath Art
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I am trying to learn animation, its going slowly, but hopefully I’ll get better with time. This is one of the speed animations I did within one day of work. I just kinda started and ended up working on it in one go.

I started playing this game recently, and I love it so much its really a debate if i should play it, or draw fanart for it. I might upload some gameplay if anyone is interested, but for now, enjoy the mini “crewmate” snacking on his… lolipop?

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  1. The animations you upload are really good..keep it up..I wish you success as a small youtuber..just continue with the consistency..and keep uploading more content:;✌

  2. they had is in the first half not ganna lie

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