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Among Us Fanart vs Game

Starbot Dubs
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  1. You say that but really who actually gonna do that especially in a non VC game

    They ain't waste time typing and sussing who ever seem sus

  2. Had this game where i called sus on two people (who were the actual imposters) but the they said nah you're sus and everyone voted me out

  3. I don’t know man telling us to get proof kinda sus

  4. The “wait what” makes it soo perfect

  5. 0:50
    "This sign cant stop me because I cant read!"

  6. You also have always have the one guy between 12-17 who calls everyone a bunch of slurs and complains that he got kicked for saying "crap"

  7. Frisk when she/he need give his/her soul to Chara:

  8. "be kind" is important. People are either the worst, or they're awesome. No middle ground. Some folks need to do better. lol

  9. I think it stardubs they are looking kind of sus

  10. Those warm up vocals… the most recent thing I’ve heard then in is the film “Ridiculous Six”.

  11. You know that the impostor is an alien and not a human

  12. "Have some proof before you call sus" that´s pretty sus my dude.

  13. Have proof? Dunno you sound kinda sus

  14. Agreed.
    Also i love the warmup blooper :>

  15. 1 time a person witnessed me and this other imposter do a double kill and basically we made everyone think it was him cause we had more evidence


  17. Most of us porbaly prefer the game

  18. Mystery of the year: Who says Blue was not an impostor?

  19. Have proof before you call sus. I hope more Among Us players see this.

  20. What I would say
    Nothing personal sorry

  21. I've had several times where I was the impostor, but I was ejected for no good reason, which makes it doubly frustrating.

    One time they had a reason to accuse me but JUST said it was me and nothing else. Still got voted off when I asked why

  22. 0:51
    Literally everyone that has ever played this game: that’s not going to stop me because I can’t read

  23. The first one is when me and ky friends play and my best friend realizes I've been playing them for a fool. They didn't talk to me for an hour. But the rest is what it's like with randoms.

  24. I think Starbot is acting sus.

  25. Im a va myself actually XD I love this

  26. Nah mate Starbot Dubs kinda sus

  27. Last few games I played going by the name Silent One.

    Meeting is called. Pink: Red(Me) just killed White I saw it.

    Crew mates: Red?

    Me: …

    Everyone voted Pink out lol

  28. Among Us Fan Art: Full on betrayal scene.
    The Game: Hey guys Tic Tac Spacemen go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  29. me: (plays crew in 2 player imposter game)
    also me: (finds the imposter)
    the two imposters: no (me) sus
    everyone: yeah they sus
    also everyone: loses
    them again: gg hard game

  30. I was about to comment “what if it’s all serious and then white all like blue sus” but it happened

  31. I actually said "white sus" once and when he got ejected we actually won

  32. I choked on an apple before this could've died…still ate the rest of my apples tho.🍎

  33. When anyone makes the impostor human “why”

  34. the song voice sounds like gennie from mxr plays

  35. Nah fam I add flavor to the game but they never tag along 🗿

  36. 0:24
    The fan comics are more impactful than the game…
    The imposter himself even regrets what he's doing, saying sorry before committing the crime…

  37. Actually I'm just too smart that I can tell people fake tasks, but I know no one will trust me (especially in online), so I just call the emergency meeting and say they vented.

    Turns out I'm right 😎


  39. Has anyone seen Neytirix do among us art? She makes it not only gory, but extra gory-

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