After you (Among Us Fanart) -

After you (Among Us Fanart)

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Software used to paint – Photoshop CC.
Software used to record – Bandicam
Software used to edit – After Effects CC
Drawing Tablet used – Wacom Cintiq 13 HD

ES_Reality – AGST

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  1. Wow man! Your great artist Yu will be successful in to the future

  2. Your impostor animation so cool

  3. I hate being ejected when you know who the imposter is…

  4. What is the name of the program

  5. What is the name of the program Belize

  6. To put it bluntly

    Bruh how

    To put it in a sentence, what program do you use? How do you get those AWESOME backgrounds?
    You are talented to a T, I’m always excited to see what you make next.

  7. Your stuff is freaking amazing!!!

  8. Wow you even used kaif intro I appreciate it

  9. Wow cool nice art I like it 👍

  10. Mano vc e muito bom quem dera eu desenhasse assim 👏👏mas… parabéns mesmo!!!!

  11. Can I use your photos on gaming thumbnails?

  12. Important note: these guys are 3'6
    Don't believe me? Check the medbay scan details, get proven

  13. Hearing this soundtrack, makes me think….. does neytirix watch kaif? Cause its kaif's outro and he is supposedly more known by people for his among us videos. Hmmm

  14. I think we all know exactly what kind of mocking voice yellow is making.

    AfTeR yOu Mr. ImPoStEr!

  15. you've made human vodka no make human kvass btw amazing content

  16. So apparently top 10 trends i think there name is is using your art for thumbnails and changing it a bit

  17. Hey, im brasilian, can you draw the viralata caramelo drinking a beer on a plastic table?? Its a thing here im brazil

  18. I found this from deviant art. Noice

  19. R̵̯̀e̸̲̾d̴̝̆ǎ̵͓c̵̡̀ť̴͇e̵̮͐d̸͔̕ ̸͕́ says:

    no one's gonna talk abt the blood on his suit?

  20. everyone talking among us but I'm just here to appreciate your use of music and its relation to among us intentional or not 🙂

  21. can u make a female skunk with purple stripes instead of white, black wings, ONE EYE BLUE AND A BLACK PUPIL, ONE EYE BLACK WITH A SKAR OVER IT AND A RED PUPIL, BIG POINTY EARS, SHARP TETH, AND BLOOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  22. All I can say is…

    Kaif music… fitting


  24. I just found my favorite Among us artist from a random recommended video about you redesigning people’s oc’s only to find you talking about the comic of it. What a wonderful way to start my morning. You really make beautifully and terrifying art.

  25. The fact that if they suspect you killed someone, you get thrown off into space to die-

  26. It's super fun to see what everyone thinks is gonna happen next. Happy to say not a single ones been right so far hehe~
    Was gonna show more in this pic but decided to leave it for the next BIG part where I probably definitely will have to add a gore warning to keep good ol'Youtube happy.
    Btw you people still enjoying this? Or has the hype train sped past already?

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