Beautiful Among Us Artworks on tiktok that made me simp to 2D characters -

Beautiful Among Us Artworks on tiktok that made me simp to 2D characters

Bob from Animal Crossing
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  1. The first one is soooo cute 🤗😳

  2. I ain’t ever seen two pretty among us best friends

  3. what the among us remix at 4:21 are?already long time i searching for that song

  4. shoutout plz i have never gotten one before :3

  5. Common we all know we simp over the guy in white in the first one

  6. Does anyone know the song in the tiktok that starts by 00:30 min

  7. I do t get mad at people who wanna take my gf (I’m a boy btw) I kill them

  8. Anime boy white can kill me…


  10. Anyone else forming a crush on white?

  11. Who agree with me best lovers
    White x black ◻️♥️◼️

  12. My color is never shown any love, i play as brown '-'

  13. I love the first partially because white was like "oh hell no, buddy" and pink was like "oh it's just you!"

  14. This comment ISN’T funny, don’t like it.

  15. Hottttttt🍑💫🦩🌺🏳️‍🌈

  16. Does anybody simp in any of those videos I did TvT

  17. When people give black the egg for an hat they mean Crankgameplays 🙂 He is egg boyo OvO

  18. the doraemon was sooo gooood keep it up!

  19. aww, the first one is so cute… please make second part

  20. I love the first one, so sweet 🙂

  21. is it just me or does the "end of the world" sound make you want to cry when paired with among us tiktoks? plz tell me its not just me.

  22. Me: *Reads title* oh don't worry friend *hugs Hawks pillow * I feel u

  23. 2:19 Me and my younger sister when playing Among us be likeXD:

    He always wears pink when playing Among us, and I wear Cyan, sometimes I wear white too

  24. Red as a man looks like my bf who always plays as red…

  25. красный не девочка он мальчик и не дружит с чёрным вить он тоже любит розываю

  26. What’s the name of the first song? It’s fire🔥💫💘

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