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Welcome to AMONG US MEMES where I try to find the best memes for the day! These are the freshest impostor memes of the day. I hope you will enjoy the content and if you do, don’t forget to like and subscribe :).

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  1. Me when sawing a tecnhoblade picture

  2. I literally hate when people use Discord on Among Us, they should ban that to be honest

  3. video: grey deserves to be in game
    me: grey is in game video watching thc comment: oh my god this is outdated

  4. 31:46

    Me who uses Green and does none of those things because it ruins the game:

    Guess I'll die.

  5. If the ghosts didn't half to go to the meetings out would give the crewmates a unfair advantage because they still half to do tasks

  6. Oh imposter of the vent what is your wisdom?
    Crew mate: I'm not an imposter I am cleaning vents.

  7. I once saw a man go into electrical… he never came back

    Then later I went into electrical…. I walked out alive

  8. 31:45 I rat out the other impostor sometimes. either there's 6 people left and I want the round longer, or he's an asshole.

  9. That last crewmate used steroyeds to get like that, hes actualy worse then the miny crewmate.

  10. Actualy Its more of a neon green then a lime, lime looks more dandylionish.

  11. I can do start reactor swipe card and caliber what ever you call it and the maze

  12. Me: is %99 done with download task
    Blue for some fricking reason: I’m about to end this man whole career

  13. Instead of a 5 minute ban for leaving matches early I think they should increase crewmate chance for leaving and if they leave multiple times it makes it 100% crewmate chance.

  14. Someone: calls emergency meeting
    bcdudnhfjv: Red sus
    ClientGame (Me) (red) I saw him vent ඩී
    Aalhi: Yeah i belive ClientGame

    Aalhi (green) has voted bcdudnhfjv (cyan)
    ClientGame (you) has voted bcdudnhfjv (cyan)
    Blackisnotsus (lime) has voted bcdudnhfjv (cyan)
    Cute (pink) has voted bcdudnhfjv (cyan)
    bcdudnhfjv has voted ClientGame (you)

    . . . . . . . .. .
    . . bcdudnhfjv was The Impostor .
    . . 0 Impostors Remain . . . .
    . . . . . . ඩී . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . .

    bcdudnhfjv: woah nice
    ClientGame: gg
    Aalhi: that was nice
    Blackisnotsus: we forgot to talk lol
    Cute: ye Blackisnotsus is right him and me forgot to talk

  15. School is just like among us…

    you have to do too hard tasks

  16. The reason why leaves are in space is because before this was in space leaves flew in and became tasks

  17. 0:34 I was a game where this happened and everybody just IGNORED that guy. They pretended that they didn't know [insert colour here] was the impostor and everybody voted that guy out. One of the best moments I have ever witnessed.

  18. In among us, i main black, I AM THE WISE ONE OF THE VENTS!

  19. the mini crewmate pack should come with mini impostor the has knife and if a crew has it and they die it should sit sadly in a mini vent with knife next to it…………………………….the imp should have a 20% chance to get yoinked off the ship when venting

  20. My name is Logan but I don't play among us anymore I got my mom to sign me in on my phone that's why it's my mom's name instead of mine

  21. The most lucky thing I got is 2 times straight wires (in a row) I was in heaven

  22. 24:58,Sooo Thats Why Im Always The Imposter >:0 BCS MY PC IS ASUS(Yeah I Was Having An Username/Cringe Username In The Past And I Was Always The Imposter + Unlimited Wins Without An Mod The Username Was Pro Girl )( I Know It Now That Its Cringe )

  23. There should be a rule in among us where if someone instantly calls a meeting they get kicked from the server

  24. 35:16 Innersloth: You have no idea what the limits to my power are. oh and btw there is not gonna be a sequel 🙂

  25. How u spell imposter/impostor?

    imposter ur impostor?

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