Eeveelution Among Us 2 -

Eeveelution Among Us 2

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Eevee and the 8 Eeveelutions board an Airship owned by a very mysterious new character. Things quickly escalate and everyone finds themselves in the middle of a large problem and they all must try and figure out who the pair of Impostors are!

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Heya! It’s StarEevee! ⭐️
This video takes the crown of the hardest ever video I’ve ever had to make. 👑 It has taken hours upon hours everyday without many breaks to create this! If you did end up enjoying this, support is always always appreciated! Leave a comment too, I always try to give out hearts and respond if I can 🙂 ❤️

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⭐️ Mentions!⭐️

~ A HUGE thank you to the incredible artist: JuanG3D for the absolutely amazing 3D Among Us Airship model! He has been so helpful in providing and allowing me to use this in my final video. He is a very talented and kind person and he makes super cool 3D models!! Please check him out if you’re interested in his work! Thank you again Juan! ✨⭐️
(Find him on Sketchfab!: )

~ A big thank you to my good friend Max for voicing Dazzlewether’s Radio Assistant! You are very legend 👏

~ Another big thank you to my sister @MoonEevee for voicing Eevee, Sylveon and Leafeon. Thanks sistah 😌

~Thank you to @hochu for supporting me and appreciating my animations/drawings for this video all the time – and allowing me to use her character Deerie briefly in the video 🙂

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Inspiration: Among Us and Henry Stickmin! Both are amazing games and I enjoy playing them a lot! Check them out if you haven’t done so already!

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💫Please do not repost my video/art without permission 😢
Removal of my watermark or claiming the video as yours is not allowed 😖

💫Reaction videos and Fandubs are allowed!
(with correct credit!)

💫If you’re unsure whether you can use my stuff just ask me! 🙂

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Thank you all for being very cool – have a nice day: the person reading this! ❤️

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  1. whatchuno bout rolling down in the deep when your brain gon nombs and u got the mental freeze

  2. There are many mysterious things in this world…
    1. At 4:02, was the trapped deer thing behind glaceon and espeon trapped by count dazzlewether? Or the fake eevee and jolteon?
    2. How is Stareevee so good at animating and drawing?
    3. Did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall? Or was he pushed?
    * new evidence states the the bricks at the very top of the wall may have been tampered with*

  3. Face reval please + like =yes and saying no means no

  4. your content is purrrrr…fect hmm give this a love to get 1000 free cookies

  5. If u would made the part where the impostor ditto was voted turn into zarichard and start flying it would be cool

  6. I liked this one a lot, you should do more among us videos

  7. stareevee before the hallo ween and christmas you can make the ask or dare extre the eeveeevolutions part 2 and 3 for me , and 2022 let's make ask or dare the eevee evolutions part 9 , 10 ,11,12,13,14 and 15 , in febuary you also can make the best of eevee evolutions !

  8. Sylveon scream was so annoying I'm honestly glad she died

  9. v a p o r e o n got dead and now he got voted XD

  10. stareevee sunday its halloween lets make the eevee evolutions animation for me

  11. You deserve 1 million subs, like, you are so amazing, your art is amazing, your videos are amazing, YOU ARE AMAZING! I watch your videos again and again!

  12. Part three part three we want part three and you are the best star eevee

  13. NOOOOOOO! Flareon did not even get to take at least two bites of his burger :<

  14. Hello star eevee im a new subscribe 😄😄

  15. Can you do ever among us three please?

  16. Espeon had a little red dot on her haed and it was a ruby so that is wwhhyy.. she likes rubys.

  17. if you do a dare part 8 i dare Eevee to trap glacieon to where flareon is then flareon burns

  18. Can you pls do more videos iv all ready seen all of you're them so pls start posting more or else ill be really sad 🙁 🙁 🙁

  19. when is next video??? I must know! no rush 🙂

  20. I was not expecting Eevee to be an Imposter, Great work!

  21. Animation make glaceon pick up eevee and put her in a cup with water and 🧊

  22. I luv Sylveon btw I’ve been waiting for a new among us eeveelution vid for years

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