The Internet Ruined Among Us.. -

The Internet Ruined Among Us..

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The Internet Ruined Among Us… Here’s how they did it

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  1. it looks like Minecraft paintings 😂🤣😂🤣


  3. 4:35
    You clearly haven't been much in the dark side of Internet

    For the curious people, Futa means hermaphrodite

  4. In among us I say black pink in your area when black and pink are impostors

  5. I always say that Among us hasbeen ruined and made cringe in more ways than that.

  6. I think the great fanbase which was mysterious and not cringe, now it is ruined.

  7. If you tried this now you wouldn’t get any good results

    RIP good PH content 😔

  8. I've never looked up a game on hub even though I'm 20 I still don't wanna go on the hub.

  9. I wish among us would just cease to be popular so that this kinda stuff won't be created anymore

  10. Case and point
    Don't hook up Po*n for any game
    I've done it and I want to bleach my eyes out for what I've seen

  11. Well at least the rule34 artists might find something better too sexualize

  12. 2:42 AYOOO
    Thats kinda sus…
    I think we found the imposter.
    Let's vote him out.
    "Likes = votes"

  13. 6 months later 3 months ago we were excited for accounts now we all hate it

  14. Jahhahahahahhajaahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahah

  15. this sucks how much this tiny game has turned into internet puppet. literaly all people i have seen playing among us have become brainded. only 99% of them stopped playing the game without being braindead. some became this way without even playing the game. i once had 2 friends and one of them became one of the cringy among us people which i discovered for too late. to my second friend i told thats its ok to play among us, but its not okay to be around the community because its very toxic and horrible. as much as i said him to avoid the cringe fandom he became cringe no matter what i said. Im not saying that u shouldnt play the game but im syaing u should avoid the community or the memes of the game. thats the source of being braindead. Im repeating: its ok to be a fan of the game and enjoy it, but its not okay to spam cringe memes and unfunny jokes/references to people who dont like the game.

  16. dont look up among us on a google docs page worst mistake of my life

  17. Saddest part is, I type up a game or kids cartoon character and see what shit people make. It ridiculously funny

  18. Can you do Minecraft??

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