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Halloween! Among Us: Woolie VerSUS

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Halloween Stream on October 31st 2020

Woolie VS Tip Jar:

Little V
Lady V

Edited by Minh
Thumbnail fanart by Valen


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  1. Woolie continues his gradual decent into V-tuberdom. At this rate, he'll start his own talent agency and corner the weeaboo market.

  2. Woolie: * sees Reggie and Minh walking around together*
    Minh: * dies moments later*
    Reggie: I found his body….
    PunchMom: Reggie and Minh were together….
    Woolie:…….Not enough info.

  3. As soon as there are 3 left you NEED to call an emergency meeting and vote, otherwise you're done.

  4. WHERE DO I GET THAT EVA ONESIE????!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!????

  5. Hey Woolie, just to make the game more fun for dead people, I saw some streamers who used a set-up where they allow dead people to voicechat to each other. Mute during discussions but they can talk to each other without live players hearing anything.

    Also consider adjusting the kill timer or field of vision if imposters win too much to make the game easier for crewmates.

    One more thing, even with visuals off there is still a way to check if crewmates have a certain task, for example: if 2 players have medbay, one person scan start scanning, and the other person can attempt to do the task but it won't work, then the player standing in the scanner can get off to check the other player before they finish scanning.

  6. The first damn game, Woolie is already the impostor, the game knows precisely what to assign.

  7. Man, Woolie is the most sus townie I've ever seen

  8. Could've sealed the first game with the kill, but he pulled it out regardless. Props to the Liar.

    000,000,000,005 DEAD CREWMEN

  10. This is where Woolie the liar race traitor thrives.

  11. "Guys, where have all the pies gone?!?"
    Woolie – 🙂
    woolie voted out
    Woolie – 🙁

  12. I hope this isn’t the stream where he wasn’t the impostor Once

    Also, Reggie in the bathroom is fucking hilarious, record some melty blood on his setup

  13. insert " get in the woolie robot shinji joke " here
    cosplay 10 out 10

  14. Woolie the Liar reaaaaally putting the SUS in Versus with those movements.

  15. I noticed Woolie's been playing without realizing there's a map, manually looking for all his tasks.

  16. Thank you for putting this out on my birthday
    I love you Woolie <3

  17. If you press the meeting button while the oxygen's depleting; does it still count down and kill you?

  18. Surprised Pat didnt join in on this though idk what his relationship is like with everyone else

  19. 14:40 Woolie straight up witnesses a venter and Minh comes in from down below. The fact that Woolie didn't put 2 and 2 together made it clear they were screwed that round.

  20. You THINK Woolie is green because he likes green. It's actually so he can lie to poor Color blind Minh

  21. woolie you should play sum horror games dude should give it a try

  22. Woolie's first game ever as an imposter and he instinctively knows how to lie and betray his way to victory.

  23. On the night when the lands of the living and the dead intermingle woolie ressurects his most powerful form. The aspect of the liar is ascendant and unstoppable.

  24. 8:50 Woolie fully gives away his traitor status by asking "Who found it?" to only two other survivors, one of which he's IN THE ROOM WITH. Shame Steph didn't catch that slip, would've been legendary

  25. I thought he was dressed as Buzz Lightyear at first.

  26. woolie has either resting bitch face or dramatic full fledged face journeys. no inbetween.

  27. Why didn't Little and Lady V explain any of the game mechanics to their friends before playing the game for an hour? Pretty damn sus.

  28. Oh this is gonna be fun. 6 dudes who know literally nothing in this game. Wished there was at least 2 more players tho. It’s relatively easy to win a 6 man battle royale. Kill a guy, vote a guy, kill a guy, then either put sus on someone or get lucky and get another kill and it’s RIP crewmates.

  29. Woolie screaming silently as Reggie lies impeccably well is amazing.

  30. I feel Minh on a spiritual level. Colorblind, can’t lie for shit lmao

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