The Imposter's Kiss | (Among Us Comic Dub) -

The Imposter’s Kiss | (Among Us Comic Dub)

Cougar macdowall Va
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White the Imposters might be falling for Purple, the only problem is she is a Crewmate…

[Made With Permission]

Thanks to Dalthezandof for letting me dub their amazing comics for this video they are amazing, go follow them here!

☆White played by me 😀
☆Purple played by the amazing Kat follow her below:
☆Red played by Mike Joseph follow him here

Ya Boy Cougar 😀

Ok so Among Us puppets will come out next week with 6 episodes, 3 will be done as a storyline and the other 3 will be SML Jeffy parody’s with one shot stories. After that depending on the views and prefomence I will continue it, or I will move the characters and story into the Godzilla, Jurassic Park, and SCP Foundation puppet shows!

In the meantime there will be plenty of Among Us, Godzilla, SCP, SCP Foundation, Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, My Hero Academia, and some new Comic dub projects in the works so stay tuned!

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  1. You can come over or you want to handsome and you can do the weird stuff to me I don’t care man my house phone is on Hickory Road love you

  2. What are you just gonna fucking pierce the helmet

  3. i came back after looking at Dal's twitter. i've seen some things

  4. White with purple: easy prey 🙂
    Purple without the shell: Hey white!

  5. she really dosent see that white imposter

  6. I like it my nose is bleeding and I tum up

  7. I just realized I went from pt. 1 to pt 3 I think and idk what pt. This is-

  8. I just realized how fucking tall white is compared to purple

  9. White:*comes in purples room in a vent*


    Me:why couldn’t the imposters do that in the first place???

  10. Damn why all evil imposter has long tongs-
    Thuz iz to much-
    Btw i ship this very much

  11. White was speaking in the Russian accent of Ichi (The middle head of Ghidorah).

  12. 1:13 Red was speaking in Rodan's accent. And Cyan was speaking in Anguirus' accent. Was Red voiced by Mike Joseph ?

  13. Impostor: *kiss purple*
    Me: sleeping
    Also me: what happened

    My brains innocence: Heh… I'm in danger…….

  15. I know that white was going to make a move, but not like that!

  16. Oh my good purple girl and white. 2 is it. what do you think guys

  17. Who is it for you to see if you guys are ok ✅ is going on

  18. Sooooooooooooo romantic I wish I could do this

  19. hm how do they not know he is an imposter he like 6 or 5 feet tall .-.

  20. I am a little confused but a little interested in this. Can't stop watching

  21. Me starts video ad: PETS ANALYSTS SAVE YOUR PET TODAY

  22. I am happy I actually just watch five seconds of everything I know this is going to Be bad for a kid to see even every video of yours

  23. 1:27 That voice was so perfect I can’t tell if it’s real or sarcasm

  24. Oh well I kinda got my answer to the French kissing thing

  25. Let's just appreciate an imposter ichi trying to mate with a girl!😂

    LOVE how you do that Russian accent BTW!😍

  26. Cougar : I hope you enjoyed this video!

    Me : . . . MENTALLY ILL!!!😓😢

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