Sykkuno & Lily fight over Michael | Among Us -

Sykkuno & Lily fight over Michael | Among Us

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A funny clip of Sykkuno and Lily in the dead chat. Sykkuno uses leer attack. Toast and Sykkuno the ultimate duo as imposters.

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  1. At the start and after sykkuno said “i’m into girls” i expected lily to say: are you trying to steal me?!

  2. Sykkuno would be the best wingman… he should take it up as a profession…. he would make so much money

  3. Sykkuno:I AM INTO GIRLS!!
    Corpse:wwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaa

  4. Hold up crap just went from 0 to 100 real ducking quick

  5. Damn Lily is kind of acting like those girls that are very protective

  6. Sykkuno: but he likes you the most
    Sykkuno: probably
    Holdup 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Imagine a murder suspect blaiming bugs when they get caught "I swear I didn't shoot this 7/11 clerk! It must have been this weird cam bug… They rly need to fix it!"

  8. Sykkuno being a wingman to a guy who's already dating the girl.

  9. Sykuno: im inti girls

    The boys that r into him : 🥲ok cool 🙃
    The boys when offline: 😭

  10. We all know if Sykkuno wanted…
    He could actually steal Michael…
    Lily has to be very careful with Michael

  11. "Sykunno used leer"
    "Kris's defense fell"

    Why is nobody talking about this

  12. Sykkuno when anything else 🙂
    Sykkuno when lily insulted soylente >:(

  13. Sykkuno is the last person I would want as my wingman… 😅😅

  14. Y does this only happen to sykkuno?

  15. Guys… Sykunno already said he's into girl
    Even if in the future he realize he's not actually straight or he realize that he's actually Bisexual. Still….. don't ship him with real people and make it sexual, it's just plain weird.
    Unless… They're okay with it, then go for it. Just don't making them uncomfortable by drawing sexual thing

  16. Sykkuno: IM INTO GIRLS

    Also sykkuno: have corpse, toast, Ludwig, edison, and many more 🙂

  17. And people really think the first relationship Sykkunin destroyed is Leslie and Edison. Ha! They thought! Michael and Sykkuno has a lot of duo chemistry tho.

  18. Sykkuno: I’m into girls
    Also Sykkuno:Girls aren’t into me tho
    Sykkunos chat:wtf do we not exist to you?

  19. I know I'm throwing myself into the fire here but what's with all the corpse and sykkuno comments?? Do these people only like sykkuno because he's being shipped with corpse or am I missing something?

  20. Who else wants to see Lily and sykkuno arm wrestle again?

  21. do i feel happy he is into girls or do i feel sad for the guys cuz they are missing so much confused with my feelings

  22. I honestly love lily and sykunno’s friendship

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