Slogo, Jelly, Crainer Among Us Animation Attempt // Read Description -

Slogo, Jelly, Crainer Among Us Animation Attempt // Read Description

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Yeah, it’s a sucky animation that only took 5 days.. But atleast I can do that— yes it’s mine.. You can even see some parts where it says ‘Kats’
and no.. I’m not KoolKats even tho I wanna be in one of their vids…

And the pic on the wall with baby Slogo is an Album by Zayn called ‘Nobody is Listening’ go stream it if you want.. :

and basically I got lazy with the last part -K


•Crainer’s part💛:
•Slogo’s part❤:
•Jelly’s part💚:


#jelly #crainer #slogo #itz_kats #animatics

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  1. Can you do more of these pls they are my favorite youtubers pls your animation is so good

  2. I have never seen someone animate them, good job

  3. Oh jelly you just can’t stop lying here and you get to see every time

  4. I like when josh is fake crying and he animated it that looks so funny

  5. This is my favourite Time in this it’s not working 😐 nvm

  6. i didnt know Animation Was here Jelly dosent made the Animation Videos

  7. …╭──────╮
    ╰┆….┆ ─┌….┆
    Hehe. I'm the imposter👿

  8. ⠀🟥🟥🟥
    I am impostor

  9. How do u do the animation, tell me please its so good

  10. Yes I know that you are actually going to get Josh to 100m but what's wrong with jelly I just seen that last time saw that jelly is going to get growing in this channel it's fine but.

  11. U made it more funnier with that animation lol🤣

  12. Koolkats is their discord admin and they still doesn't know they r a she 😂

  13. that was actually so good. jelly and slogo will be best friend till the day

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