RED KISSES BLUE! (Among Us Comic Dub Animations) -

RED KISSES BLUE! (Among Us Comic Dub Animations)

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RED KISSES BLUE! Among Us Comic Dub Animations
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  2. red: hey guys this is my lil bro pls say hi to him. blue: i dont like babies so no

  3. Me: red f*** me
    Blue: now he kissed me
    Me:thanks blue now it's your cures
    My brain: f*** you Yellow

  4. People will ship EVERYTHING even astronomical gum drops. These aren't even actual characters, no gender, no personality, no name, there literally just blank characters used for the player. Why is this being shipped?

  5. 0:48 come back here you stupid f—er

  6. Blue: I Have 3 kids why would I hate babies well um they are actually 10 years but still!

  7. Ohh its so ciute red kiss blue red loved blue its so ciute

  8. Blue: this is my baby sister
    Blue (Ashley): excuse me Luna but I ain’t a baby
    Blue: she is a baby, she’s…. how old are you?
    Ashley: Luna I thought you knew this!!! I’m 24 and your darn 26!!!!

  9. Luna: ash!
    Ashley: ya
    Luna: do you like babies?
    Ashley: i have a daughter so yes
    Peter: she also looks like me
    Ashley: she looks more like me, your not a women, your sister is, but I think her hair looks like mine.

  10. LunaWerewolf was not an imposter
    Cyan: excuse me Bella…..
    cyan: I know what you did
    Cyan: you got the most votes but you just voted into and you cloned 20 Bella’s!
    Pink (belle): oh my goodness Bella why do you keep joining?!
    Black: I’m gonna ban you, you voted out Luna a.k.a. My best friend!
    Pretty was banned by kittykat

  11. Are you happy blue orange is gonna kill you -.-

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