People Ruin Among Us -

People Ruin Among Us

People Ruin Everything
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  1. I'm afraid this dude's psyche has been shaken, because of the huge number of the most terrible community.

  2. someone could sexualize a piece of paper with quick succession it amazes me

  3. Honestly the memes all of them killed the game And the online with random people shouldn’t exist either there should only be a friend mode
    Online sucks: AFK people in calls that ruins the experience

  4. Ah this vid is currently at 666k likes, interesting innit?

  5. I want to point out this has 666k views…satan is watching

  6. I have since become a gay furry communist since the last time I watched this guy

  7. Pink kinda sus as well as a sex offender

  8. You could make a stick and someone would make r34 out of it

  9. I would have kept playing if there werent toddlers playing.

  10. The memes lasted longer than this stupid game itself

    Me: Two beans making a little crewmate 🙂

  12. Susususususususysususususususususususussy bakakakakakakaka

  13. 6:32 The beginning of an Empire, an Era, an Unfunny joke

  14. I Really Want People To Stop With The Digesting Stuff, They Really Like To Ruin The Lives Of Children.

  15. elvis, i didnt know you existed outside of your other youtube channel, nice

  16. What if there was a rare game in among us without imposters, would it be endless, or would it end instantly?

  17. and this is the reason why i ihate most of the popular stuff. internet just f***s everything that finaly good.

  18. this sucks how much this tiny game has turned into internet puppet. literaly all people i have seen playing among us have become brainded. only 99% of them stopped playing the game without being braindead. some became this way without even playing the game. i once had 2 friends and one of them became one of the cringy among us people which i discovered for too late. to my second friend i told thats its ok to play among us, but its not okay to be around the community because its very toxic and horrible. as much as i said him to avoid the cringe fandom he became cringe no matter what i said. Im not saying that u shouldnt play the game but im syaing u should avoid the community or the memes of the game. thats the source of being braindead. Im repeating: its ok to be a fan of the game and enjoy it, but its not okay to spam cringe memes and unfunny jokes/references to people who dont like the game.

  19. hey guys, this is a reupload from a different channel, since then I got in trouble with Patreon and had to remove the uncensored versions of the videos because of "copyright infringement", just letting you know here so you don't become a patron in hopes of seeing this stuff uncensored

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