IF AMONG US WAS AN ANIME [part 2: purple, yellow, orange, black, brown] - amongus.gallery

IF AMONG US WAS AN ANIME [part 2: purple, yellow, orange, black, brown]

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you guys asked for a part two so I thought I’d finish the rest of the colors~! tell me your favorite map if you read this I really like the volcano one but my friends never want to play that one =^=

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  1. Yellow- Jordan
    Black- Ruth
    Orange- Grace
    Purple- Yuri (Come on I just had to)
    And she also missed my signature colour 🙁

  2. Idea for names:
    Brown: Layla
    Yellow: Mason
    Black: Mikaela
    Orange: Tina
    Purple- Boscha

  3. in a video game i leaned never trust anyone in purple lol

  4. As a black player, yes correct I am exactly like that

  5. …when you play as a mix of cyan and dark green ToT

    remembers to breath
    Also, I always play as Orange but I'm a combination of how you described Blue and Purple.
    I move very quickly and I'm often the first to finish tasks.
    (but I still can't find the computer room.)
    Whether or not I'm imposter, I'm always the most innocent. Or so it seems… either way, it always shocks people when it turns out I was an imposter.


  8. I came up with some names🙂. Brown=Charlotte. Yellow=Matt. Black=Sheila. Orange=Riley. Purple=Isabelle.

  9. MJe who plays as purple;
    You got everything COMPLETELY right that is EXACTLY me, even tho I play as Mr. P from Piggy as a joke.

  10. I'm a mix of purple and black personalitywise and I just play black with the ram horns

  11. i’m always yellow and my name is sunflower and you did yellow good i always am a mom vibe or dad vibe it’s cute and funny love the videos keep them up and do what you love forever and ever. hope your staying well. -Shadow

  12. "That makes too much sense" says the imposter getting me voted out for being right with not much evidence

  13. im usually yellow but most like purple, pink or white depending on the server and if i make any friends =D

  14. when im the impostor and theres more than one, ill tell everybody to vote for the other impostor so they trust me.
    Im too much of a goody twoshoes to even kill someone

  15. I often play as Purple and Brown and I think you got it pretty well! Alot of the time as purple i am suspected alot even though I am not the impostor that often

  16. i’m always yellow and i have a mini crew mate oh my god

  17. Great now you just need to draw Coral, banana, rose, gray and maroon (btw why is one called banana)

  18. Lol i didn't even notice the blood spots for the pink- i just guessed pink was the other impost cause she looked S U S

    So i guess LavanderTowne was right- pink is easily accused-

  19. Me who only wanted to know the lighter blue because i play as that one: sAd

  20. lol I was just thinking about what they were saying so I was like "hmmmmm white's kinda sus"

  21. I'm normally a orange player and its true I barely play the game I've played 3 times. Fun fact a have a pumpkin on mah head :3

  22. Me being a yellow user but always get sussed at:

    Crewmate: doing tasks and explaining my position task and whatever so people can trust me
    Impostor: just walking around unsuspiciously but ends up getting caught and getting sweared at

  23. names:
    brown: coco
    yellow: john
    black: alex
    orange: charlotte
    purple: jacky

  24. So creepily, I look almost exactly alike, I don't have piercings, black and like how LavenderTowne said, they usually stay on cams and are rather loud. Hmm who does that sound like, oh yeah, me. That is just creepy. It even goes down to the point of where it's almost the exact same blue in the eyes.

  25. Me being yellow and this being exact for me: 😶

  26. I usually main purple, but I can only wish my gaming skills were as good as hers :')

    In games, I just run around doing tasks and don't really talk during meetings. I, like brown, try to find a buddy to team up with, or I'll be video calling with my friend irl to play together. I'm really just pretty useless unless you intend to win by finishing tasks

  27. Black and well not quite I think of black as a very good killer cus I play black and I know a few peeps who do to


    i dident know that you made this vid

  29. I pride myself on the fact i main brown with a plunger. My name being 'Clogged'. Immature? Yes. I don't care.

  30. Hey I’m orange and I’m a veteran girl

  31. in 3:36 my first thought was Tsukishima before she coloured his hair blue ;-;

  32. im usually blue, cyan, purp, or black! sooooo im happy with the ones drawN! Great jobbbb!

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