Mini Crewmate Kills Creepy Rainbow Friends Characters | Among Us -

Mini Crewmate Kills Creepy Rainbow Friends Characters | Among Us

Damn Seconds
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the Halloween edition.

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  1. Raibo friend es un ####$$###$$$

  2. Blue is hunger. Green can't do anythink… Orange… he know only run!? Pulple has his meal. What Red is planning now?

  3. The reason why green is blind its because his eye is in his stomach bro thats crazy

  4. Спасибо теперь у меня понос от страха

  5. Você tem que fazer a parte 2 de você como amiga batalhando com roxo gigante com todos os friends amigos e os rainbow friends do mal

  6. If they put this in the actual game.


  7. Why did blue green orange and purple look like that?

  8. Ohhhhhhhh purple is super very big

  9. Why purple kill orange? He's friends

  10. Bro imagine the jump scares how scary would they be in the game

  11. I love how purple just minds his business, killing everyone that gets on his property.

  12. The part when the mini crewmate meets horror purple is giving me some Massive Monster Mayhem vibes.
    Does anyone even remember Massive Monster Mayhem?

  13. Blue looks like the warden from minecraft cuz creeper blue has an exposed rib cage like the warden but the difference is the warden doesn't have a crown and eyes and not smiling

  14. There is always something to protect the create, like last time creepy jumbo josh

  15. From where I can see you soon we can not believe 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  16. 💙💚🧡💜❤️🟦🟩🟧🟪🟥

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