Crewmates Meet Imposters - Compilation | Among Us Comic Dubs -

Crewmates Meet Imposters – Compilation | Among Us Comic Dubs

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This is a compilation of my first comic dubs about Among Us. Watch the first dubs again after each other. Check it ou! We will start with new comics tomorrow again! THANKS!

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— Comic Credits —
☆Comic 1 & 2 – Samijen

☆Comic 3 – Kurosakura

☆Comic 4 & 5 – Ruubesz-Draws

☆Comic 6 – Orphetoon

☆Comic 7 – Scarlettaagni

☆Comic 8 – Kazimir29

☆ @CaptainSpazz

☆ @Miss Shellah

☆LazEness as Lime

☆ @LittleBallOfGiggles as Pink

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I’ve got the permission of every artist to use their content for dubbing. [Derivative Work] If there may be an error or misunderstanding, please contact me on Discord, Tumblr, or Email.

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  1. Thats a sharp knife to cut though you and the space sought

  2. Cyan: eats mini crewmate Mini crewmate :*farts* 🤣

  3. the last one was depressing, ngl, I'm about to cry

  4. Everyone loves purple purple and all the crewmates works with the imposter

  5. Purple to lime: no one else will be ur friend only me got it
    Lime: ok ;-;

  6. When you aren’t into the game, but the fandom stories…

  7. The crewmate who looks like The imposter looks like me

  8. Lime:*talking*


    Red:*talking to lime*


  9. these are literally the only things that came out of the fandom /hj

  10. I guess lime is friends with an impostor???

  11. 8:31 this part so sad his father not ready to kill his family his wife and child and he let go his wife to get out from ship with amergensy ship
    That imposter was good dad maybe he was a MONSTER KILLER

  12. purple yandare mode on
    red dies
    me:yandare means a girl that loves his senpai that when some one meet or talk or his senpai knows that girl will kill because he likes his senpai so much so yeah

  13. Me: What the heck is going on here :/
    brown:IDK maybe hes gonna get eaten or something or he just I don't know
    Lime:my child >:(
    Light blue: Oh you son of a bitch get out of my mouth>:(

  14. From Lime makes a friends part 2. Pink: Oh hey Lime-
    Lime: Hey-
    Purple comes
    Pink: -ACK!!!
    Purple: wave
    Lime: …
    Me/yellow: OH NO PURPLE KILL PINK! *Press botton

  15. Tadinho do Verde Claro 😐

  16. Orange:’aTreR thIs iM goiNg tO kIlL yOu!!!!’

  17. lime: hey new frie-

    purple: kills new friend

    lime: :<

  18. Brown: casually in cyans mouth
    Brown: wat….

  19. Imposter : Kills red and says hi to lime
    Me : omg true love

  20. Is it just me, or did orange in the first one sound a bit like Tracer?

  21. 1:58 He Kinda Looks Like White Imposter From FNF Vs Imposter V4

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