"It's Tina guys!" -Sykkuno | Among Us Funny Moments #7 - amongus.gallery

“It’s Tina guys!” -Sykkuno | Among Us Funny Moments #7

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Sykkuno, Offline TV and friends play among us | Funny moments/highlights #7.

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I do not own any of the clips shown in the video and all credit goes to the streamers. I am simply just an editor for fun.

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  1. Umm you have a love bot in your comments for your own safety I would delete the bot by the name Lina Meredith because love Bots are inappropriate

  2. sykkuno: it's tina guys, kill tina!
    also sykkuno: what? you actually killed her???!!!

  3. Seriously stealing sykkunos clips that the works hard for. I think this is unfair he pays for his editing and you steal what he pays for and spends hours trying to get a video while not getting killed or acting sus. I think this is plain wrong.

  4. I loved your videos and the last part of the song is so nice ❤️

  5. honestly great vedio you should get paid for this lol

  6. The fact that they randomly vote tina, but she actually the imposter… I-

  7. Didnt know Tina and Sykkuno had this many moments. And Tina watches Sykkuno!!!!

  8. Do you edit the facecam parts? Like where other streamer's facecam appear? Cuz its so cool

  9. the edits are Kreygasm worthy and if Sykkuno uploaded it i wouldnt have been able to tell the difference

  10. I usually don’t sub to highlight channels but yours are all high quality well edited clips, many of which I haven’t seen before. Keep it up!

  11. XD toast and Masayoshi is shooting Pee Chu Pew chu Bang BRAAAH AHHAHA

  12. Sykkuno- I think I got more primes in the last 2 seconds than I have in the past long time

  13. no this is just so chaotic, he trolls tina so much FJSJDS.

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