Imposters Origin Story (Chapter 1-4) | Among Us Animation -

Imposters Origin Story (Chapter 1-4) | Among Us Animation

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  1. This story was aWsOmE, animation was great I love it.

  2. I feel bad for Thomas,he remembered his birthday and also brought him a cake.
    But he was also foolish,instead of reporting body he ran to call meeting

  3. The origin story of how crewmates turned into imposters

  4. Poor billy (the name of oranges son)

    And what happened to him after everyone died?

  5. video: literally shows everyone dying
    my mind: nice animation

  6. It turns out that when the imposter in every game wins is so sad😭😱😱🥺!!!!

  7. 2:56 sao thằng đỏ nhìn thấy nhấn nút mà sao thằng cho cyan méo chết

  8. Thằng cyan máu dính tùm lum mà ko nghi nó ôg làm video sàm

  9. 😓😰😨😫😱😭😭😭😭😭

  10. It's really sad when his father died Billy that's was so peculiar in beginning BUT I REALLY LIKE THAT RED CURRENT SHOCK HAHAHA

  11. read the description the video is actually from avocado

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