Among Us sounds on guitar 2 (tasks) -

Among Us sounds on guitar 2 (tasks)

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I tried to recreate more sounds from the Among Us game with the guitar. I hope you like it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think 😉 subscribe for more

Special thanks to the people on my discord server for participating in choosing the order in which the tasks appear 😉 please join us!


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  1. heart my comment and do minecraft sounds and i'll subscribe

  2. Among us Sounds on guitar
    "Swipe card"
    Davidlap : litteraly swipe card 😂😂

  3. Ummm I'm just wondering how many papers you got…

  4. Plot twist: he is the original creator of Among us sounds

  5. David lap can you make soul knight song but piano

  6. ابله انا اول مره اسمع في كل مزاد رحاب من كل 8 في 8 على في مزاد ريحه على في مزاد 🕑 33 على أن يتم تكون من

  7. Hi welcome to my video I'm in the video I'm in a video everything is watching me every fan is watching me just watching me this make me beatboxing but I I have beatboxing Nick Adam

  8. Sauna????

    Yes I'm finnish but what does sauna do in that thumbnail

  9. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😬😨😨😦😬😈😤😡

  10. The finding planet was my fav , It was so real 🙃🙃

  11. I love how he plays and he became a time imposter lol

  12. I don't like among us, but I like gacha club and roblox

  13. You are not successful

  14. People say its hard to get a like…. I agree…. please can I have 1 😃 ❤

  15. Destroying the asteroids sounds like a lightsaber

  16. Do among us sound 3 and I’ll sub on my mom phone

  17. Hello guys! If you liked it subscribe 🙂 let me know what sounds you want me to make in the third part or suggest me which video should be next 🙂

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