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If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge

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  1. If x killed gelatin, how did x get the knife because lollipop said "but that costume has no arm holes!"

  2. Black hole: *sucks up all of the contestants on purpose*
    Death pact: WARNING: black hole, a death pack member, KYLED ALL OF THE CONTESTANTS

  3. I like how eraser and coiny predicted the among us emergency button

  4. Isn’t remote in death p.a.c.t so why didn’t remote try to help gelatin

  5. "But why are you wearing the hide unethically scraped off the body of an InNoCeNt TeLeTuBbY?" – Lollypop, 1:48 funny moment

  6. "ships should not exist"

    Shippers: adios amigos

  7. i heard " despite your popilarity , you got eliminiated "

  8. I noticed at the end the tune of Message To Loser song

  9. 1:49 eh ooooh (the way of saying hello in teletubby language)

  10. An alternate world where four was be able to gt sucked up by the blackholr

  11. Like the way pencil/match said ships idk who said it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Why does pencil sound like flower?🧐 what’s going on!🧐

  13. he said ships should not exist while trying to say stop shipping characters and not at the same time

  14. I have a feeling that Four taught X how to Brutally murder

  15. Coiny: Eraser there's no emergency button!
    Eraser: What

  16. I just found out if you remove fours face it will look like a blue among us

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