Biggest Difference Between Game and Comic (The Wolf Among Us vs Fables Comic) -

Biggest Difference Between Game and Comic (The Wolf Among Us vs Fables Comic)

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There’s a lot of small ways videogame and comic differ, but the biggest is how they use the original fairytales.
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  1. I think you are wrong in a lot of this, Bigby isn’t a victim. The comics make it very plan that he’s much more powerful than any other Fable besides perhaps some of the witches.

    The only reason he joins Fabletown is because of Snow. He’s not trying to be a new person. As he tells his Father he’s “civilized” now which only means that he knows how to pretend that he isn’t dangerous, but he still is. The only reason he became civilized though was to win Snow’s heart.

    He doesn’t care what anyone thinks who isn’t in his pack. He protects Fabletown because it is a part of his territory, nothing more. He may like some people more than others, but he is always pack leader and isn’t afraid to assert his dominance even against people he likes. He keeps the malcontents in check, but isn’t afraid to kill them if Snow won’t find out, which he later does to Crane who he murders in Paris years later.

    He’s a wolf, and he admits multiple times at the end when he is in the afterlife that being evil never bothered him, and it still doesn’t. He upholds Snow White’s values because he’s always loved her from her scent, and he is trying to build a world where they are together. That requires him to uphold what she wants. It’s a part of their courtship, and from them comes their cubs.

    He’s defensive of his cubs because his Father ran out on him. His Mother dying from a broken heart, and his inability to protect her drives his life.

    When he discovers his love for Snow because of her scent, he rearranged his world into what she wants, so she won’t suffer from the same heart break that his Mother Winter did. He even allows himself to be separated from Snow and the Cubs because he knows it would break her heart if he just destroyed the Farm like he wanted to. He tells Snow in the comics that he would destroy all of Fabletown, all of their friends and loved ones because they were separating him from Snow and the Cubs, but the only reason he won’t is because it would break her heart, and he can’t live in a world where he’d hurt her like that.

    Everything about Bigby is about his desire to defend the new woman he loves, Snow White. Strengthening his pack, and making sure Snow doesn’t die of heart break like his Mother did.

    He has no problem being the Big Bad Wolf, he only acts civilized though because it’s what will make Snow happy. He likes other people, but would happily destroy even them is Snow wanted it.

    Bigby isn’t a man he’s a wolf. Survival of the fittest is his only code, it’s Snow White that keeps him in check and gives him “humane” morals to follow.

  2. Bigby never dressed as the Grandma, its acknowledged in the comics that is what Woody said but in reality Bigby killed the grandma on the bed, waited for Red to come, then pounced on her when she walked in the cabin, with Woody coming in seconds before Bigby killed her too

  3. I keep watching the fan series Fabletown here on YT until we get TWAU2

  4. This just makes me want season 2 even more now 😭

  5. You’re trying to be negative? The comics are great. You’re twisting things, I feel like. TWAU is canon and happens long before Fables vol. 1. Maybe you liked the tone better in TWAU, but that shouldn’t take away from the original comics. They are what they were intended to be.

  6. Im currently playing TWAU over again for like the 4th or 5th time, and it never gets old. This was one of Telltales best games and stories, not THE best but one of them. I can't wait for TWAU2! I'm so happy it's finally coming to light after all these years of waiting. It's such a great story as well as world, if they do it right, they could keep TWAU going for a long time. I'd love to see Bigby take on new cases or even take control of a new table for a new story. Either way I'm so glad this is continuing!

  7. All of this is the main reason why I stopped reading Fables

  8. This was an interesting video and while I agree with a lot of the stuff you had say about the game I think you kind of dug into the comics harshly the the comic is called Fables because it doesn't just focus on Bigby he is sort of the main character but at the same time there are large parts that don't involve him but the comic had quite a few too many characters and I do think that hurt it they're like 4 or 5 spin offs alone because there was just so much that they couldn't put in the main story and the main story takes place I think over decades but if you've made it to the end of this check out The Wolf Among Us webcomic that's based on the game it gives a bit more of a definitive answer to the faith question and is all in all way darker

  9. Something I like about the relationship between Bigby and the Woodsman is how it reveals the Woodsman intended to rob Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother and only saved them from Bigby because he thought he would get a reward.

  10. Duke Ortega 's description by Thomas outside Mcanale's in Death Masks suggests Conquistadors were quick to kill. mean and crafty .

  11. I wanted a John Constantine / Hellblazer game similar to The Wolf Among Us.

  12. I mad I didn’t get it on with snow I feel played that’s the only reason I been working in fable town ….

  13. the wolf among us plays a few years before the comic story

  14. I saw this video for the first time today. I am amazed with your thoughts and writing alike. Exceptionally done! One of the best, well made videos i have ever seen. Great job!

  15. i absolutely loved this video. the wolf among us is my favourite game of all time and i don’t see this changing any time soon.

  16. They did a good job on the art in the game. The story is nice too. There is one upside to the comics though. It doesnt have stupid quicktime events. The lamest kind of "gameplay" ever invented.

  17. You think they should do thanks they should explore that The telltale game the red Riding Hood if they're going to make a another season

  18. I prefere the game to the comic, though I saw the comic first. I simply enjoy the story and theme so much more.

  19. Anyone else want fables to be a animated tv show? But I still want it to be rated R.

  20. Something I think a lot of people over look in TWAU is the character designs too, especially bigby, the comic version of him always felt like it was changing to buff to old man but in this he feels like a proper mix of wolf and human. I also love Gren and the pawn shop owners define too something about there normal form and there mundy form really mix!

  21. The wolf among us explains to me what’s wrong with our world!

  22. Gotta be the worst take I've heard on Fables. Its also pretty ironic you complain about it being surface level when it would appear you are the one who didn't grasp anything beyond that.

  23. From what I read, people say Fables went downhill after the Dark Ages story arc

  24. anyone who played the game first would be absolutely dissapointed not because the game was better, but because they went in to read the comics with an entirely different expectation.

  25. I hate watching snow turn into that weasel every time I play through

    Hopefully the season 2 will change that

  26. Great video, I couldn't agree more. I came to read Fables to scratch the itch after 100% TWAU, only to be quite disappointed by it after around 50 issues, guess I have no choice but to wait for season 2 now

  27. Yooo does anybody know how to read the comic books like in a order and where to buy them

  28. You said human fables it's easy, but for non-humans it isn't. That doesn't include bigby, right? Because while bigby can shift into human form, he is still a full-blown wolf. there isnt any human in him.

  29. Good Commentary. Agree with everything you have said. The game had a much more noir theme to it than the comics. I too, was really surprised when they didn't explore the historical conflict between wolf and the real red riding hood. The comic is still an enjoyable read but I wouldn't say it is very deep. Also, while it has some adult-themed moments sprinkled throughout it. There are many issues where I felt like I could be reading a typical Disney story targeted at kids. Have to really credit the writers of the game knowing that it is a much deeper nuanced beast than the comics

  30. I cannot believe that he tricked Red Riding Hood.

  31. I definitely preferred the feeling of The Wolf Among Us than Fables. I read up to about issue 50ish in Fables and got kinda disinterested. It felt way too much like everything was about the romance between Bigby and Snow white, and not about, well, actual fables.

  32. To say that the comic is surface level is well.. a surface level analysis.

  33. Honestly, considering how Season 2 seems to be going off into it’s own universe instead of trying to match the world of the comics, I would love if we actually saw Red Ridding Hood in it, confronting Bigby for all the horrible things that he did. It would be a natural continuation of Bigby’s conflict in the first game.

  34. So, they kinda NEED bigby's ability to harm, but because of it, they'll never fully trust him, imagen knowing everyone around you, no Matter how close, will always have a "holy shit hes gonna eat me" thought in the back of their mind, must be really shity to be bigby.

  35. Only less than 1k subs!!!! WTF

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