Among Us Impostor Tier List -

Among Us Impostor Tier List

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The Liquid Ladder is a zany new measurement system that you can use to safely rank things that many people deem too dangerous to rank. Our patented system goes all the way from S to F, so you can be rest assured that you’re getting the most precise information possible. In this episode of Liquid Ladder, the boys at HQ turn our ever watchful eyes to the incredibly popular game; Among Us. Which popular internet personalities are the best at being imposters? Let’s find out.

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  1. I like how Jackson moved Charlie to F tier and moved himself to Legend/S+ tier

  2. Lets be real, we all came here for 9:37 we still come here for this as well

  3. When corpse was born he drove his family home

  4. When you realize that the list is basically a sociopath tier list.

  5. Toast has the best game logic but him big braining every game actually hurts him. People become sceptical of everything he says. The best Among Us players always play it like the 2nd smartest person in the lobby and are more subtle about steering conversations and pick their spots when to dominate the conversation.
    Corpse is like the boogey man or Undertaker of Among Us. Hes got the game logic but is mysterious the whole round and only dominates the conversation when he needs to. So When he speaks its some powerful shit and steers the game.

  6. bro this could legit be used agaisnt someone in court or sum

  7. If someone always knows but never knows why he thinks that, then he probably a cheater! Sorry to tell you because that makes no other sense then that (and same with Cory, no one hits 100% knowing who is the imposter, unless the other players are really bad! (Basically tells it themself) )

  8. I think Dream and Karl are in S tier

  9. I half to say I have seen Charlie play and I have seen corpse play I lean more towards corpse being better as he is quite scary 4r Charlie I would sooner Stand next to you then corpse in a lobby as it is way safer

  10. Yo bro I have no disrespect towards you at all your a amazing imposter trust but why isn’t Corpse up above S

  11. if sykkuno was on there i'd probably say between A and S

  12. If the only thing holding xQc from getting S-tier on this list was that he couldn't dial it back for more casual lobbies, then based on the last lobby he was in, he deserves it now.

  13. I implemented quite a few tactics from corpse when I picked the game again for the first time after a full year. I played over 12 hours and won every single imposter game except one when I had to clutch a 11 v 1 it came down to the last 4 and I accidentally killed on cams without noticing it on and both other 2 were there so I had no way out lmao. People were screaming while I just killed infront of like 4 people with lights off after venting in and had no idea lmao.

  14. Public lobys suck, all you gotta say is just "this guy is sus!" And they vote you.

  15. I love how jackson puthimself above them all and put charlie at the bottom lol. (If you didn't know jackson is the editor).

  16. Aw hell nah I missed them 60 primogems in genshin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Late asf, but I think the scariest person to play against is Toast if he’s playing seriously. Also if there is the jester mod, Sykkunno would be a pain in the ass to deal with

  18. Among us would never be as fun without Charlie and corpse I watched both of your among us videos and I have been blasted away by the amount of iq both of you have

  19. I’m not sure how I feel about Charlie taking a genshin impact sponsor

  20. charlie, do more tier lists😡

  21. Watching Charlie’s tier lists is like hearing my teacher grade the nerds.

  22. This is super late but I believe nux taku should be on here

  23. Ok so we know the B tier is reserved for players who have definitely been imposter before, but Charlie has only seen a couple times. Good to know.

  24. this unintentionally is a lying and manipulation tier list

  25. Charlie has mastered the entire gaming category, and after days of research, finally knows everybody in the worlds playstyle. Look out when the next game comes out, simpletons.

  26. Pokimane is definitely an A tier imposter. She is scary good at lying

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