Among us Finger Animation #2 (flipaclip) -

Among us Finger Animation #2 (flipaclip)

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  1. I love the animation! I use my finger for all my art and animations, its difficult but I feel like a stylus is more difficult for me.

  2. Awsome! I Wasn't able to do an animation on Flippa clip, your really good. By the way, can you do an FNF Animation if you know what the game is.

  3. This is amazing 😃😃😃

  4. When I saw this video I started making among us eating among us animation on FlipaClip months ago

  5. БЛЯТЬ!!!как называется приложение?я 999999999999999 лет ищу это приложение не могу найти!

  6. Incrível!! É meu sonho conseguir fazer animações tão boas quanto essa. Parabéns!! Ficou muito bom

  7. That is awesome and cool it probably took more than an hour Idk but it's so awesome

  8. The video and animation were very good for you

  9. Wow your a good at animation

  10. Dude you animate so well I can't even animate with graphics tablet in marcomadia flash 8

  11. My I make stickman and im say welcome back guys today ssb2 tapos yan

  12. woah…i cant do something that good even with a apple pencil

  13. Me after seeing this video:

    My brain: ez
    My eyes: ez

    My hands:no

  14. Bruh this guy is a pro he draws fast and it’s nice

  15. oi t= você pode por favor fazer um vídeo ensinando a estalar o flipaclip para pc?

  16. Imagine what he can do on the Samsung note 20 ultra pen

  17. What a animations ❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 love your hard work

  18. No blood to not get demonetized 🙂 /What should I do next?

    Sem sanguinho pra nao dar ruim com youtube kk
    Oque querem ver no proximo?

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