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15 AMONG US Mistakes ONLY Noobs Make

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15 AMONG US Mistakes ONLY Noobs Make

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This Among Us Video is based around 15 MISTAKES Only Among Us NOOBS Make, For more among us tips & tricks, among us secrets, among us best moments & more subscribe.

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  1. i am a hacker ( even better than pro not the real hacker) in among us

  2. I get voted off even though I’m a crewmate to not give them that happens to me most of the time

  3. I liked your channel so much before now. I don't like you now because like green green is green is a cheater and green is the imposter always )like WTF

  4. Top 10 mistake that only legend do
    1 mistake they just kill more then 2 crewmate in one place like me and win and crewmate say legend is hacker

  5. yes, i didn't subscribe bcz of your smelly breath. just kidding, i have subscribed, liked and clicked the bell. so, can i have a shout out in your next video plz?!

  6. The economic bait briefly learn because newsstand postnatally retire per a chunky tin. unhealthy, poised kilometer

  7. Great way to self report

    Kill somebody, leave the room, and close the door. Then walk back into to the room and report it. Then say "I walked in to do a task and found the body."


  8. My first time playing among us I got imposter and I told everyone that was an event and why am I use your name is red

  9. 2 mistake Seth guy in the thumbnail did
    Killing infront of someone
    Also killing when someone’s watching the cameras looking directly at them

  10. 赵造"this is the thing u need" "UsMoD.BuZz" "There are no limits here, Am I right?”"赵造"

  11. I did the card swipe one try not been kidding

  12. Another mistake that noob impostors do: Fake common tasks when the crewmates don't have them.
    The best way to prevent this from happening is looking at your own fake tasks. If the crewmates have a common task, it will appear in your list of fake tasks. Also, if visual tasks are on, do NOT fake them with a witness around unless they are your impostor teammate.

  13. Me, who gets card swipe first time (mostly)

    hOw iS iT sO hArd?

  14. btw i was an imposter a i was never sussed alot tho

  15. This guy is SO smart I mean all the stuff he said was just a smart, good job for being smart.

  16. Because he put a meeting right as the game started and that’s annoying dude

  17. I am a pro because I hide in every game I go in especially human do you know with the plants in the garden tasks I forgot what it’s called but I’m a pro at that

  18. Wait there’s a camera trick
    Me: later……. Bruh

  19. I am the best imposter I swear man I win every round whit imposter

  20. One time I saw a imposter kill someone on cams and voted him out

  21. Tip: While you're venting, and trying to prove that you're in a location, make sure to vent out to a location where no one's around.

    But watch out of the cameras tho, you'll need to make sure the camera stops blinking before venting out 🙂

    PS: T5G's breath smells like a flower dude 🙂

  22. 1 st is pro move camp or vent go to other place kill button 0 sec go where you kill kill another and a won

  23. I did the card swipe first try

  24. I remember the times when the noobs would think only one person can do a certain task like two people do asteroids then accuses the person they want to get out on accident

  25. no your breath smells good 😀😀😀😀😀

  26. Among us is a information game wait to call a meeting till you have concrete proof about the imposters that’s how you play with meetings in among us

  27. Don't kill people who sus you. It makes you more sus. It seems we have an Among Us Amateur here.

  28. Him : some people don't suscribe maybe because of my bad breath.
    Me: Rat smell come to my noise.

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